Customer Testimonials

ICRON means less fire-fighting and fewer crises regarding down-times for the production team, plus more capacity utilization, less changes for delivery time, keeping promises to our customers for the sales team. It is a creative and pragmatic approach for capacity planning needs and ends our pains for the long time planning problems.
Yetik K. Mert
The ICRON APS platform has allowed us to model the operation under a range of scenarios with high levels of accuracy and very fast delivery. We were particularly impressed with ICRON’s professional approach and analytical capabilities. This has certainly allowed us to prepare a commercial offer with much higher levels of certainty than has been possible beforehand and has, in turn, improved our own capabilities.
Rufus Frere Smith
ICRON was able to demonstrate to us a clear understanding of the complexities of MRO operations in SAESL. We were impressed by their knowledge, the system's power and flexibility and ICRON's "no nonsense" approach. This, combined with sensible pricing and a fast implementation time, made ICRON an obvious choice for us. Of the many systems we looked at beforehand, ICRON is also the first ever able to rapidly generate the work schedule dynamically as the MRO investigation process reveals the true work scope. ICRON has transformed our planning capability, improving operating reactivity and flexibility. Web-based functionality provides remote reporting and makes ICRON particularly suitable for future enhanced networking between SAESL and its associates.
John Horsburgh
As a second phase of the project, we also intend to utilize ICRON´s "Collaborated Scheduling Session" functionality to let our suppliers to collaborate with our on-line schedule over the internet. The performance of phase one is an encouraging factor supporting and justifying phase two
Orhan Göksal
We experienced transparency, more ownership of the plan and relaxation throughout the company, after we went live with ICRON
Jon Grasmeijer