Detailed Scheduling

ICRON’s flagship product, Enterprise level rules based finite-capacity planning and scheduling  solution that offers a clear, cost-effective migration path to full-function supply chain optimization. With its several components, the Material and Capacity Planner and Reactive and Dynamic Scheduler, it enables manufacturers to improve asset/resource utilization at every node of the factory.  ICRON Detailed Scheduling is flexible and scalable (100% fit) architected.  Companies can implement functionality at one or more sites as needed and easily adapt to future changes by user definable/readable algorithms, flow-charts/diagrams.

ICRON Detailed Scheduling provides optimized, automatically generated plans and schedules while simultaneously considering demand, resource and material constraints and business objectives. Additionally

  • ICRON Detailed Scheduling provides significant cost and waste reduction by optimization based on user defined objectives (reduced cost of early/late job completion, inventory, overtime, transportation, reduced WIP times, etc.).
  • ICRON Detailed Scheduling improves available-to-promise and capable-to-promise capabilities by generating realistic completion times for individual operations and jobs on entire supply chain networks. This quickly translates into increased customer satisfaction.
  • ICRON Detailed Scheduling provides feasible, finite capacity schedules which can be readily published to the shop floor.
  • ICRON Detailed Scheduling significantly reduces the planning time. ICRON automatically performs most of the schedule generation activities and produces schedules in minutes rather than hours or days.
  • ICRON Detailed Scheduling provides tremendous what-if analysis capabilities. With its speed, accuracy easily generates as many scenarios as user requires and provides user friendly, efficiently tools for planner and management to selects the best scenario to be used as the official plan.
  • ICRON Detailed Scheduling maximizes the resource utilization by reducing the setup times by better sequencing, especially with regards to sequence-dependent setups.
  • ICRON Detailed Scheduling provides you fast rescheduling capability to respond to frequent changes. With ICRON, the production planning shifts from reactive, fire-fighting planning to proactive, strategic planning.
  • ICRON Detailed Scheduling integrates and centralizes the planning and scheduling along the entire supply chain network.