Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Planning (MRO)

ICRON MRO platforms are specific to the industries like Aerospace and Public Transportation, where the tasks are not definitely known before the machines are put into pieces. Most of the planners are frustrated with redundant work realized. ICRON offersa web based platform linked to all relevant data sources and task forces in the plant and integrated to other ICRON systems used by outsourcing plant locations.

This gives planners and management full real-time visibility over all operations covering both detailed planning & scheduling in General Repair sections as well as for Module Induction planning & scheduling. Some of the direct benefits that can be achieved by using ICRON in MRO operations are:

  • Improved real-time visibility over all plant operations
  • Improved dynamic visibility over plant capacity and thus ability to take on work
  • Improved ability by using scenarios, to determine work done in-house or outsourced
  • Increased production capacity by production smoothing and de-bottlenecking of operations
  • Improved results in productivity and reduced dependency on overtime, reducing unit production costs
  • Improved quality resulting from reduced overtime working and a more balanced workload
  • Ability, by scenario analysis, to determine best work options, e.g. “rush part”, “cannibalise part” etc.
  • Improved visibility over work completion dates and thus more reliable delivery forecasting resulting in improved customer relationship.

The resulting plans and schedules will co-ordinate plant operations at a macro and micro level according to the business priorities and drivers set by management.