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ICRON and its implementation partners adhere to a number of principles that have proven to be successful in over 500 implementations over the past 25 years. These principles are described in a methodology called the ICRON Project Lifecycle Management (IPLM). The IPLM methodology and its principles have to be shared with all who will be involved in ICRON Implementation Projects, being partners and customers. Thus, this project methodology should be viewed as a guideline during the ICRON Project Lifecycle.

The IPLM’s phased approach provide a high degree of control and project visibility with each phase completed before the next one commences. At the end of each phase, the project plans are reviewed, and if required, planning changes are made to the next phase and the overall project in a controlled manner. The phases include initialization, analysis, modeling, iterative development, deployment and fine tuning. ICRON provides 100% Maintenance starting the sixth month after the agreement, using the IPLM methodology.