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A New Era in Workforce Management

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More Competition Than Ever

Retail is commoditized, and additional rivalry from e-commerce makes customer loyalty more valuable than ever.

Enthusiastic Employees
Loyal Customers

Customer loyalty is a direct result of in-store experience, which is ultimately provided by your employees.

Visibility of Your Workforce

ICRON WFM is built to ensure the employee happiness with management needs to create a fair and desirable working environment that will increase employee ownership you need.

Enthusiastic Employees
Better Customer Experience
Higher Service Level
Higher Revenue

Benefits you can take advantage of for a higher revenue.

ICRON WFM will help you to become more flexible and profitable by making all your workforce needs and movements visible by using its cutting edge power of analytics.

Fair and Employee Centric Work Schedules

Improved Employee Engagement

Real Time Visibility

Compliance with Laws & Company Regulations

How does ICRON boost your workforce management?

Capacity Planning

- Align with company strategy
- Plan future staffing needs and increase service levels
- Capture and consider seasonal trends, special events from historical data
- Compare what-if scenarios


- Create territory / location / team / Individual based rosters
- Generate automated shift rules and manage overtime policies
- Manage different contract types
- Make relocation, temporary work and hiring decisions

Employee Engagement

- Communicate with colleagues
- Shift trade/swap
- Submit leave request or availability
- View, confirm, apply for shift
- Get notifications
- Consider employee preferences

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