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Ruscam optimizes production planning and operations with ICRON’s Detailed Scheduling solution

Istanbul, 2 April 2019 ICRON, a leading provider of Optimized Decision Making and Supply Chain Optimization software solutions, today announced the successful go-live of its Detailed Scheduling solution at Ruscam Glass Packaging, a Şişecam Group company. With the deployment of the ICRON solution, Ruscam ­– which produces specially designed glass packaging for numerous industries including food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics – is able to automate, integrate, and optimize the planning, scheduling, and decision making across the operations of its five production plants in Russia.

Prior to the implementation of the ICRON software solution, Ruscam’s planners were conducting their planning and scheduling using manual techniques and tools, like Excel, along with their ERP system – a labor-intensive and time-consuming process that only allowed them to create plans for the coming month for their production lines and furnaces and did not enable collaboration across the company’s various departments and production facilities.

Now, with the go-live of ICRON’s Detailed Scheduling solution, Ruscam’s planners can instantly, automatically generate integrated, optimized plans and schedules for a three-month time horizon for the production lines, furnaces, and equipment (such as molds, holders, and cooling equipment) across their multi-site operations.

With ICRON, Ruscam is able to:

  • Increase planning efficiency and accuracy: Previously it took Ruscam’s planners at least one day to create feasible production plans and schedules, but now optimized plans and schedules – which take into account supply, capacity, raw materials, and inventory constraints as well as unexpected changes to supply and demand conditions – can be automatically generated in a matter of minutes.
  • Improve supply chain agility: Ruscam’s planners and other key stakeholders are now able to rapidly respond to sudden, unforeseen fluctuations in supply and demand or disruptions in production, dynamically revise plans in real-time, and make optimized decisions on how best to utilize their capacity and inventory.
  • Foster data integration and cross-functional collaboration: ICRON intelligently collects and processes data from all relevant sources including Ruscam’s ERP system, and utilizes that data to generate optimized plans, which are shared with Ruscam’s planners, management, and other key stakeholders across various departments and production sites.
  • Conduct scenario analysis: With ICRON, Ruscam is now able to perform what-if analysis to determine the impact of various scenarios on the company’s on time, in full (OTIF) delivery performance, capacity utilization, and high-level business goals – so that planners and other key stakeholders can make optimized strategic, tactical, and operational decisions.
  • Enhance material requirements planning: Ruscam’s planners can now precisely calculate their material requirements for the next three months, and integrate material requirements plans into their production schedules.
  • Boost the speed and productivity of manufacturing operations: With ICRON, Ruscam is able to improve its capacity utilization, OTIF performance, and customer satisfaction, and decrease changeover times and costs.
  • Decrease inventory costs: With ICRON, Ruscam can reduce excess inventory, inventory obsolescence, and inventory holding costs – by optimally aligning inventory levels with demand forecasts.

With the ICRON software platform, Ruscam’s planners, management, and other key stakeholders have gained visibility and control over their multi-site production operations, raw materials and inventory levels, and supply and demand dynamics – empowering them to effectively collaborate to make optimized plans and decisions to satisfy demand and utilize capacity in the most profitable manner possible.

Hakan Çopur, Supply Chain Group Director at Ruscam, said: “ The implementation of the ICRON Detailed Scheduling solution has revolutionized Ruscam’s production planning, scheduling, and operations. Since the solution went live, we have seen significant improvements in terms of our planning and operational efficiency and overall supply chain agility. When it comes to planning and scheduling, ICRON now serves as the single source of truth in our organization – an integrated and automated platform through which all key people across our five production facilities in Russia can communicate and collaborate to make the best possible plans and business decisions.”

Mine Kaçan, Product Management Director at ICRON, commented: “ We are thrilled to announce the go-live of our Detailed Scheduling solution at Ruscam. This is ICRON’s first implementation in Russia, and our second project in the glass packaging business segment of Şişecam, Ruscam’s parent company. Ruscam’s planners and other key stakeholders are already experiencing the remarkable operational and business benefits delivered by our automated, algorithmic planning and decision making solution – and we expect to see these benefits becoming even greater in the months and years to come as they continue to use the solution.”

About Ruscam, Şişecam Glass Packaging Group

Producing specially designed glass packaging of various volumes and colors for the food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics sectors, Şişecam Glass Packaging Group has a history that dates back to 1935, when the first plant was founded in Paşabahçe-Beykoz. All companies and plants operating as part of the glass packaging were incorporated under Anadolu Cam Sanayii AŞ in 2000. The Group’s domestic production plants further grew with the addition of Bursa Yenişehir and Eskişehir plants in 2006 and 2013 respectively, further cementing the leadership of the Group in the industry.

Şişecam Glass Packaging ​Group aims to become an international glass packaging supplier that is a regional leader thanks to investments and cooperation initiatives in surrounding countries, and owes half of its turnover to foreign operations. As such, its first investment outside Turkey was the acquisition of the Mina Plant in Georgia in 1997. This investment was followed by the establishment of Ruscam Glass Packaging company which was founded to follow the opportunities offered by the dynamic structure of the Russian market and to carry out the operations in Russia in 2002. Ruscam started to operate the Gorokhovets Plant as of 2002, the Pokrovsky Plant as of 2004, the Ufa Plant as of 2005, the Kirishi Plant as of 2008, and the Kuban Plant as of 2009. Şişecam Glass Packaging has most recently acquired an existing glass packaging plant in Merefa, Ukraine in 2011, thus increasing its production capacity abroad to 1.3 million tons.

The Şişecam Glass Packaging Group currently has a total production capacity of 2.3 million tons per year, which makes it the biggest glass packaging producer in Turkey, and the fifth​​ biggest in the world. The business continues its production in a total of ten plants, three of which are in Turkey, five in Russia, one in Ukraine and one in Georgia.


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With ICRON, each company’s planners and other key stakeholders can not only generate and execute integrated, optimized plans, but also can make optimized strategic, tactical, and operational decisions that drive improved efficiency, delivery performance, and bottom-line results.

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