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The shipping industry is the main artery of international trade and globalization – around 90% of total world trade is carried by ships to ports and terminals around the globe.

Thus, the fortunes of the international shipping industry rise and fall with the tides of the global economy. With the significant slowdown in China’s economic growth and trade levels over the past several years, the shipping industry has found itself in troubled waters.

Sinking market demand has led to an oversupply of vessels and an excess of port capacity, causing freight rates to fall, operating losses to mount, and competition among shipping and port operators to intensify.

To maintain commercial viability in this highly volatile and competitive industry, ports and terminals must be able to:

  • Optimize their draft, equipment, and infrastructure capacity.
  • Maximize cargo throughput, asset and workforce utilization, and safety performance.
  • Minimize the effects of disruptions and delays.
  • Deliver operational excellence by ensuring higher service levels and lower costs for shipping lines, and higher profit margins with lower operating costs for stakeholders.


ICRON’s Optimized Decision Making and Supply Chain Optimization software solution provides port and terminal operators with an intelligent, integrated planning optimization platform that gives them:

  • The capability to automatically generate optimal plans – taking into account the unique business processes and constraints of their port or terminal – that boost efficiency, berth and yard utilization, and customer service, and reduce turnaround times and operating costs.
  • The flexibility to rapidly adjust plans in response to events such as bad weather, changes to vessel ETAs, or unscheduled maintenance.
  • The visibility to see across multiple strategic planning horizons, by conducting what-if scenario analysis to gauge the impact of future events such as fluctuations in demand or changes to labor or environmental regulations.

With ICRON, port and terminal operators can optimize their operations and the utilization of their key assets, realize improved productivity and profitability, and rise above the challenges and competition in the international shipping industry.