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Public Transport Maintenance (PTM)


The public transport industry must constantly change in order to cater to the needs of an ever-expanding passenger base and to keep pace with the latest technological innovations such as IoT sensors tracking performance, energy-generating subway station floors, and self-steering and electric-powered buses. For companies in this space, ongoing investment in infrastructure and technology is one of the keys to maintaining a sustainable and profitable business model.

One piece of technology that more and more public transport providers are investing in is planning and decision making optimization software. Each public transport network presents a uniquely complex and challenging planning puzzle, and traditional, manual planning and scheduling methods are simply not adequate for generating feasible and flexible schedules for companies in the industry.


ICRON’s Optimized Decision Making and Supply Chain Optimization solutions enable public transport operators to increase customer and employee satisfaction as well as operational- and cost-efficiency by giving them the capability to:

  • generate optimal, demand-driven timetables that take into account crew and rolling stock availability and constraints.
  • produce maintenance and repair schedules that optimize resource utilization by adhering to strict requirements on delivery date targets.
  • generate rosters that incorporate the preferences and proficiencies of individual employees.
  • gain visibility and control over their entire operational network to support better strategic, tactical, and operational decision-making.

With ICRON, public transport providers can optimize their operations and keep their businesses running smoothly and profitably – driving increased customer, employee, and stakeholder satisfaction.