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In the chemicals industry, high costs – in terms of labor, materials, equipment, utilities, inventory, and logistics – translate into high risks. It is essential for chemical manufacturers to get their production mix and supply chains right, as one mistake can lead to skyrocketing operating costs and sub-optimal delivery performance – and this will take a hefty toll on the bottom line.

In addition to cost pressures, chemical companies also face intense competition, volatile demand, and tricky regulatory and compliance issues. To overcome these challenges and remain productive and profitable, chemical manufacturers require a robust and responsive planning and optimized decision making solution. Traditional, manual planning systems are simply not capable of coping with the complexities of modern-day chemical production and not flexible enough to handle rapid shifts in supply and demand and unexpected disruptions.


ICRON’s best-of-breed Optimized Decision Making and Supply Chain Optimization platform enables chemical manufacturers to take an integrated, intelligent approach to supply chain management. With ICRON, chemical companies can automatically production generate optimal operational, tactical, and strategic plans that maximize asset utilization and customer service and minimize inventory and operating costs.

ICRON gives chemical manufacturers the capability to:

  • attain full visibility and control over their end-to-end operations to effectively manage supply and demand, production capacity and constraints, raw materials and inventory, and transportation and logistics,
  • respond in real-time to sudden swings in demand, changing customer priorities, and unexpected production disruptions,
  • run “what-if” analysis to compare various scenarios and make the best decisions – optimizing raw materials and capacity to meet demand.

With ICRON, chemical manufacturers can transform their supply chain into a source of competitive advantage, effectively managing costs and constraints and satisfying demand in a volatile marketplace.