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Food & Beverage


Today’s food & beverage companies must be capable of catering to ever-changing consumer priorities and preferences in terms of taste and price, coping with rising food input and equipment costs and intensifying competition, and complying with increasingly tough industry regulations and safety standards. To move products efficiently from farm to factory to table, food & beverage manufacturers must ensure their supply chains are customer-centric, agile, and able to respond rapidly to fluctuations in market demand, seasonal changes, capacity constraints, and disruptions in production.

Achieving a shelf-connected and profitable food & beverage supply chain network requires integrated and intelligent planning and optimization capabilities. More and more food & beverage manufacturers are turning to automated, intelligent planning and scheduling and optimization solutions to deliver optimal operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and bottom-line benefits for stakeholders.


ICRON’s best-of-breed Optimized Decision Making and Supply Chain Optimization software platform serves as a comprehensive planning and execution optimization solution for food & beverage manufacturers, enabling them to synchronize and streamline their procurement, production, and distribution operations.

With ICRON, food & beverage companies can attain complete visibility and control from field to shelf supply chain networks – enabling them to precisely and profitably calibrate supply and demand.

ICRON gives food & beverage manufacturers the capability to:

  • automatically generate optimal operational, tactical, and strategic plans and schedules that significantly boost customer service levels, capacity and resource utilization, forecast accuracy, and profit margins, and dramatically decrease operating costs, stock-outs, obsolete shelved products, and excess inventory,
  • revise plans in real-time in response to shifts in customer demand and food input supply as well as production disruptions,
  • run “what-if” analysis to evaluate various scenarios and determine the best strategies to optimize performance and profitability.

With ICRON, food & beverage manufacturers have the ingredients to achieve supply chain success and deliver optimal quality and satisfaction for consumers and value for shareholders.