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For companies in the metals industry, the key to unlocking success is being able to calibrate production so that it matches perfectly with demand.

Sounds easy in theory but, in practice, forging a solid and sustainable metals manufacturing business is challenging due to:

  • The extreme volatility of commodity prices, customer demand, and raw materials supply.
  • The complexity of the global metals supply chain, which comprises a vast network of separate but interrelated entities responsible for production, logistics, and marketing.
  • The wide variety and intricacy of metals manufacturing processes – including fabrication, smelting, refining, and recycling – and the degree of customization required by individual customers.
  • The frequency of production disruptions as a result of raw materials shortages and capacity constraints.
  • Spiraling operating costs and profit margin pressures.

To persevere and prosper in this complicated and competitive industry landscape, metals manufacturers must be able to optimize their production and distribution processes, maximize throughput and delivery performance, and minimize inventory and costs.


A growing number of metals manufacturers are leveraging the power of ICRON’s Optimized Decision Making and Supply Chain Optimization solutions to optimize their operations and realize greater productivity and profitability.

ICRON’s intelligent, algorithm-based planning optimization software platform gives metals companies visibility and control over their real-time operations and entire global supply chain network, and the flexibility to dynamically (and optimally) adjust production plans in response to fluctuations in market supply and demand or changing conditions on the shop floor.

With ICRON, metals manufacturers can effectively manage constraints, capacity, and costs; drive increased efficiency, agility, and integration across their supply chains; and bolster delivery performance and profit margins.