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Natural Resources


For companies in the competitive, capital- and labor-intensive mining industry, carving out a path to profitability – by maximizing throughput and minimizing costs – is a Herculean task.

Mining companies continually strive to synchronize supply with demand, but struggle to achieve perfect production harmony due to:

  • The extreme volatility of market conditions, commodity prices, consumer demand, and raw materials supply.
  • The difficulty in containing ever-increasing costs for labor, energy, transportation, and other operating expenses.
  • The element of persistent risk present in the mining industry due to the frequency of disruptions caused by natural disasters, geopolitical turmoil, industrial disputes, raw materials shortages, and production breakdowns.
  • The overwhelming complexity of the mining supply chain, which typically consists of numerous, internal business units within a mining company as well as external providers and partners around the globe. These entities often operate in silos, making it almost impossible for mining supply chain executives to gain complete, clear visibility over all production, transportation, distribution, and marketing operations across their supply chains.


To overcome these significant challenges and drive greater productivity, cost-efficiency, and customer service, mining companies must be able to integrate, automate, and optimize all of the components of their end-to-end supply chains.

With ICRON’s algorithm-based Optimized Decision Making and Supply Chain Optimization solutions, mining companies gain:

  • Visibility over their real-time operations as well as their entire pit-to-port supply chain network.
  • The flexibility to rapidly change production plans in response to disruptions and changing conditions in the mine or in the marketplace.
  • The ability to conduct what-if scenario analysis to identify bottlenecks and generate long-term strategic plans.

ICRON enables mining companies to optimize their planning, sourcing, production, and distribution processes, allowing for optimal supply and demand alignment, asset utilization, and inventory- and cost-management.

With ICRON, mining companies can unearth new opportunities for productivity and profitability in their business operations, and unleash the full power and potential of their integrated and optimized supply chain.