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The rail industry is experiencing a renaissance, propelled by increasing population growth and density in urban areas, the liberalization of market conditions for rail operators globally, and the rising popularity of rail as a more efficient and environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

However, to ensure the industry remains on track for future growth, companies in the various rail segments – passenger rail services, rail freight operations, and rail infrastructure management – must be able to accommodate this surge in demand, which is outpacing capacity and straining existing, out-of-date rail systems and aging infrastructure.


To overcome this capacity challenge, meet the growing, global demand for rail transport, and cope with the immense complexity inherent in daily rail operations, rail companies must be able to achieve operational efficiency and agility.

ICRON’s Optimized Decision Making and Supply Chain Optimization software solutions provide rail companies with a robust, integrated planning and decision making optimization platform that enables them to drive greater efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction.

With ICRON, rail operators can:

  • Optimize their passenger, freight, and maintenance schedules as well as their utilization of crew and rolling stock.
  • Gain real-time visibility and control over their entire rail network to support better strategic, tactical, and operational planning and decision-making as well as disruption and constraint management.
  • Maximize throughput, track availability, safety, and customer service quality and minimize congestion and operating costs.

ICRON gives rail companies the capability to easily and effectively manage the complexities of their operational networks, putting them on the fast track toward sustained, strong performance and profitability.