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The utility industry is in the midst of a period of tremendous transformation, as competitive pressures, regulatory initiatives, and technological advancements are changing the way we produce, manage, and distribute natural resources including water, electricity, and gas.

To survive in this challenging industry landscape – and maintain profitability in the face of skyrocketing labor and equipment costs, sluggish demand (due to greater energy efficiency), and volatile commodity prices – utility providers must continually strive to innovate and improve their operational efficiency, service delivery, and cost containment.


A growing number of utility providers are turning to automated planning and supply chain optimization solutions to optimize their planning, production, and delivery processes and maximize productivity and profitability.

By implementing ICRON’s Optimized Decision Making and Supply Chain Optimization platform, utility companies can:

  • Gain real-time visibility over their entire operational network to support enhanced strategic, tactical, and operational planning and decision-making.
  • Generate schedules that optimize operational processes and resource utilization.
  • Automatically adjust and update schedules and optimally reassign resources due to fluctuations in demand or disruptions and changing circumstances in the field.
  • Conduct what-if scenario analysis to forecast demand, schedule maintenance on equipment, and determine long-term strategic plans.
  • Maintain constant communication and coordination with workers in the field.
  • Increase employee satisfaction by matching the right workers to the right jobs based on their skills and preferences, and ensuring they always have access to the necessary equipment and resources.
  • Practice customer-centric planning to deliver rapid responsiveness, professional service, and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

ICRON gives utility companies the power to optimally schedule and manage their assets and workforce, cut costs, and boost capacity. With ICRON, utility providers can rise above the challenges in their industry and achieve sustainable, operational efficiency and excellence.