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Pegasus Airlines partners with ICRON to digitalize and optimize end-to-end operations

Istanbul, 30 July 2019 ICRON, a leading provider of Optimized Decision Making and Supply Chain Optimization software solutions, today announced that it has entered into a partnership with Pegasus Airlines, Turkey’s leading low-cost airline and one of the region’s frontrunners, to digitalize and optimize the airline’s end-to-end planning, decision making, and operations. The first phase of this partnership – which aims to ultimately optimize all of Pegasus’ ground operations through ICRON’s integrated, automated planning and decision making software platform – is the implementation of ICRON’s Ground Handling Services Optimization Solution.

ICRON’s Ground Handling Services Optimization Solution – which will be implemented by Pegasus this year – will enable the airline to boost on-time performance, operational efficiency and profitability, customer satisfaction, and service-level excellence from touchdown to takeoff.

The deployment of ICRON’s Ground Handling Services Optimization Solution is also a key component of Pegasus’ broader vision to become a fully digital airline. The implementation of ICRON solution transforming ground operations management is part of Pegasus Airlines’ business-wide strategic digital transformation roadmap.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with ICRON to digitalize and optimize our planning, decision making, and operations. The implementation of ICRON’s Ground Handling Services Optimization Solution marks a major milestone for us as a company in our digitalization journey. Our ultimate enterprise-wide goal is to become a fully digital airline that is able to digitalize, innovate, integrate, and improve every aspect of our operations – and we will work together with ICRON to realize this goal,” commented Barış Fındık, Chief Information Officer of Pegasus Airlines.

In order to remain profitable as a low-cost carrier – to deliver service-level excellence for customers at a lower cost than our competitors – we need to optimize our operations. ICRON will be instrumental in helping us to achieve this,” he added.

Pegasus aims to be a global leader – a true trailblazer – in the digital transformation of the aviation industry. We look forward to partnering with ICRON to optimize our ground handling services. Ultimately, ICRON will serve as a single, unified platform through which we can optimize all our ground operations processes. This will enable us to ensure a seamless and satisfying experience for our customers, overcome our operational challenges, and achieve the highest levels of efficiency and profitability for our shareholders,” said Boğaç Uğurluteğin, Senior Vice President of Pegasus Airlines.

After a thorough selection process that involved multiple vendors, Pegasus chose ICRON to provide a flexible, end-to-end software solution to optimize their entire ground handling operations.

The implementation of ICRON’s Ground Handling Services Optimization Solution will enable Pegasus to:

  • Integrate, collect, and process data from various sources throughout the airport operating environment – including IoT devices, ERPs and other airline systems – and utilize that data to make optimized strategic, tactical, and operational ground handling plans and decisions.
  • Foster enhanced communication and collaboration in real time among all key stakeholders – including ground handling planners and specialized staff throughout the airport (at the gate or on the apron).
  • Attain end-to-end visibility and control over real-time ground handling operations on a single, integrated platform.
  • Automatically generate integrated, optimized long-term capacity plans for ground handling workforce and equipment, optimized monthly employee rosters, and optimized daily employee shift and equipment schedules – taking into account all relevant rules, KPIs, SLAs, variables, and constraints.
  • Forecast and recognize disruptions and sudden changes in operating conditions including flight delays, and fluctuations in passenger numbers or cargo requirements, and instantly revise employee and equipment schedules in real time.

With ICRON’s Ground Handling Services Optimization Solution, Pegasus will be able to digitalize, synchronize, and optimize its ground handling planning, decision making, and operations, and achieve numerous business benefits including improved on-time performance, workforce and equipment utilization, turnaround management, service-level excellence, customer and employee satisfaction, and profitability as well as reduced operating costs.

Gürer Ünal, ICRON’s Chief Executive Officer, remarked: “ We are proud to announce our partnership with Pegasus, one of the world’s leading low-cost airlines. ICRON has worked with numerous aviation companies around the globe, and we are thrilled to add Pegasus to this growing list.” “Through this partnership, ICRON will be an integral part of Pegasus’ digital transformation – a bold vision that seeks to digitalize and optimize all aspects of the airline’s ground operations. The first step of this collaboration is the implementation of our Ground Handling Services Optimization Solution, which will enable Pegasus to achieve automation, integration, and optimization at every stage of the flight turnaround journey – and subsequently slash costs and spur greater efficiency, on-time performance, service-level excellence, and revenue growth,” Ünal added.

ICRON’s strategy for the aviation industry is focused on utilizing the software provider’s cutting-edge technology to help airlines deliver on their core brand promises such as on-time performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction as well as improved profit margins. Although airlines are at the center of this strategy, airline service providers such as ground services are critical factors in ensuring that airlines are able to fulfill their brand promises. Commercial and operational planning, MRO, and disruption management are other components of ICRON’s strategy to promote its value offering to the aviation industry.

About Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus Airlines was founded in 1990 with the mission that everyone has the right to fly. Since launching its scheduled services in 2005, Pegasus Airlines has become Turkey’s first and leading low-cost airline and one of the region’s aviation frontrunners with a growing network of 111 destinations, including 35 in Turkey and 76 international destinations in 42 countries across Europe, Russia and the Caucasus, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

Pegasus Airlines launched its first charter flights in 1990 and was then acquired by ESAS Holding in 2005, since then it has been operating scheduled flights, offering guests competitively priced, comfortable and punctual point-to-point and transit flights operated with the newest aircraft under the auspices of its low-cost model. In addition, since 2018 Pegasus is now “Turkey’s digital airline”, investing heavily in state-of-the-art technology and fulfilling its promise to digitalise in-flight and customer-services, along with unique innovations, to provide a seamless guest experience.


ICRON is a leading provider of Optimized Decision Making and Supply Chain Optimization software solutions.

Founded in 1992, ICRON has a single mission: to help our customers visualize, synchronize, and optimize their end-to-end supply chain operations and enable them to make optimized decisions that improve their productivity and profitability.

ICRON’s software platform – developed over the past 27 years by our team of academics and supply chain professionals and proven through over 500 successful implementations in some of the world’s largest corporations across various industries including manufacturing, automotive, high-tech and electronics, aviation, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) – empowers supply chain companies to achieve decision-centric optimization.

With ICRON, each company’s planners and other key stakeholders can not only generate and execute integrated, optimized plans, but also can make optimized strategic, tactical, and operational decisions that drive improved efficiency, delivery performance, and bottom-line results.

ICRON’s algorithm-based, data-driven, decision-centric software platform supports multiple users, multiple decision processes, multiple scenarios, and multiple problem-solving techniques including optimization, heuristics, routing, scheduling, pegging, machine learning, and artificial intelligence algorithms and others.

ICRON possesses the power and flexibility to provide a complete, customized supply chain planning and decision-making optimization solution for any company. No matter how complex and challenging your company’s supply chain problems are, ICRON will serve as the single solution – delivering total decision-centric optimization across your end-to-end supply chain operations.

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