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ICRON Order Promising

First Plug&Play Supply Chain
Planning Offer In The Market

Available now on Microsoft Azure Appstore



Cloud Saas offering: subscribe and start using. No set-up or implementation costs.


Ready to serve from day one. Upload your data and immediately see the benefits.


Gain immediate insight into your business.

Design and execute optimum due dates and delivery schedules.
Promise what you can deliver, deliver what you have promised.

Execute On Your Business Strategy

You can count on ICRON OP, which is always on, providing real-time visibility on your orders. ICRON OP intelligently considers your supply and capacity availabilities, so that you can immediately mitigate unwarranted risks and take advantage of new opportunities.


Unleash Your Capacity

ICRON OP mathematically models how much appetite you have to pursue new opportunities, and how much risk you are ready to take to be competitive. To do so, complicated calculations are required to safely ground your promises. It has all the technology, math, optimization, and artificial -or not- intelligence under the hood, so you don’t need to worry about obvious details such as supply and capacity availability, and how to efficiently engage them as needed.


Be Confident

You may not control uncertainties or last minute changes, but still focus on business opportunities with confidence. Trade-offs can be managed efficiently when your performance indicator highlights the impact on your business with regards to profitability, costs and risks, and customer service levels before you confirm or reject the order.

Always be prepared, even for disruptions like Covid19



Instantly Win

Start seeing benefits immediately:

Quick and accurate response to customer inquiries

Enhanced customer satisfaction due to reliable order promises

Visibiity on material supply & resource capacity risks & opportunities

Improve cost and operational efficiency through optimization

Unleash your potential and increase profitability.


OTIF Delivery Performance: 10% - 50%


Net profit improvement: in excess of 25%




We know your problems:

  • Slow response to customer inquiries
  • Inability to respond to changes within lead-time
  • Unable to optimally allocate inventory to orders to prioritize shipments
  • Inability to reserve inventory for top-tier customers
  • Inability to model and compare a variety of what-if scenarios
  • Poor customer service due to unreliable order promises
  • Lack of visibility: on resources, profitability of orders, customer priority, and other objectives.

Imagine, that you could:

  • Accept orders without jeopardizing other customers
  • Ensure adequate resource capacity in real-time
  • Check material availability coordinated with capacity
  • Immediately evaluate impact of every change on your customer satisfaction performance
  • Evaluate the risk that you are going to take when quoting the due date
  • Maintain a healthy cash flow, reduce inventory expenses and waste


Take control of your orders Optimize and manage your order due-dates

500 /MON

Per user/month, billed annually

  • Single User
  • Spreadsheet upload
  • Public Cloud
  • Standard AI/Optimization Algorithms
  • KPI Based Dashboards

Collaborate as a team Execute your competitive strategy

750 /MON

Per user/month, billed annually

  • 2-10 users
  • Spreadsheet Upload / Standard APIs
  • Public Cloud
  • Standard AI/Optimization Algorithms
  • KPI Based Dashboards
  • Safe/Competitive/Bold Risk Profile

Customize and integrate for a truly enterprise level experience

980 /MON

Per user/month, billed annually

  • Min 10 - Unlimited users
  • Spreadsheet upload / Standard APIs / Custom Integration Capability
  • Public Cloud / Private Cloud / On-premise
  • Standard + Custom AI/Optimization/ML Algorithms Capability
  • KPI Based / Custom Dashboards Capability
  • Safe/Competitive/Bold/Custom Risk Profile Capability