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Demand Planning

For today’s supply chain leaders, charting a course for sustainable business success begins with creating an accurate, unified demand forecast across their entire operational network.

Being able to precisely predict demand – and calibrate supply to match demand forecasts – leads to better inventory management and resource utilization, higher sales and margins, and superior customer service and satisfaction.

Inaccurate demand forecasts, on the other hand, can spell disaster, resulting in inventory surpluses or shortages and spiraling costs.

ICRON DP gives your business the capability to gauge demand – with the utmost precision – across your whole end-to-end supply chain network and generate demand forecasts and plans that optimize your production operations and minimize costs.

With ICRON’s automated, algorithm-based DP solution, you can rapidly create customized, integrated demand forecasts based on your company’s unique business logic and product range as well as historical demand data and market intelligence. ICRON’s DP platform supports multiple statistical modeling techniques, (e.g. level, trend, seasonality decomposition), and custom forecasting rules (e.g. for new, discontinued or replacement products, slow movers or sporadic demands).

ICRON DP enables you to predict customer demand with the highest level of accuracy by optimizing prediction models that best match historical data in combination with planned promotions and special dates (e.g. national and religious holidays). ICRON DP enables companies demand visibility necessary to make the best decisions on tactical pricing and promotions, resource and inventory utilization, and production capacity.

ICRON DP equips companies with the tools to conduct what-if analysis and demand scenario comparisons based on market expectations and expert knowledge.

With ICRON DP, you can accurately assess and forecast demand across your entire supply chain network, and fine tune your planning and operations to create a perfect symphony of production and services.