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Financial & Budget Planning

Traditionally, supply chain planning was primarily seen as a tactical function. However, recent upheavals in the global economic landscape have revealed its strategic importance. Companies strive to maintain their financial growth by making long-term strategic plans – focusing on revenue growth, inventory management, cash-to-cash cycle times, and asset utilization.

The companies that have stayed ahead of the competition have managed to achieve flexible and supple supply chains that are responsive to changes in demand, and able to reduce pipeline inventory, avoid capacity bottlenecks, and make the right sourcing decisions at the right time.

ICRON’s algorithm-based, optimized decision making and supply chain optimization platform gives you the power to possess full visibility and control over your sales, production, procurement, and distribution operations and to foster optimal integration, collaboration, and efficiency across your entire, end-to-end supply chain network.

ICRON helps companies in making strategic decisions considering trade-off situations with conflicting decisions scenarios such as cash flow vs. profit margin, demand fullfillment vs. production costs, capacity utilization vs. flexibility, in-house vs. outsourced etc.

ICRON’s algorithm driven scenario-based optimization platform can deliver a long-term plan for an organization that enables it to deal with supply chain uncertainties and their financial consequences.