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Supply Planning

For many companies, managing supply is a high-stakes guessing game. Wrongly predicting demand can lead to inventory surpluses (and skyrocketing costs), or inventory shortages (and stock outs, poor customer satisfaction, and missed business opportunities).

ICRON Supply Planning (SP) takes the guessing out of supply management, giving you the capability to generate optimal supply plans that precisely synchronize your production capacity, raw materials, and inventory with actual and forecasted demand.

With ICRON SP, you can:

  • Gain a panoramic view of your entire supply chain network, offering complete visibility over your material requirements and inventory utilization.
  • Efficiently manage constraints – capacity, workers, inventory, materials, and parts – and optimally allocate resources to maximize throughput and minimize costs.
  • Have the flexibility to dynamically revise supply plans in response to disruptions or fluctuations in demand.
  • Conduct what-if analysis to evaluate different scenarios and determine the best course of action to optimize your supply plans and meet your KPIs.

ICRON SP gives you the clarity to make the best and most profitable decisions when it comes to inventory, raw materials, and capacity utilization. With ICRON SP, you can overcome the complexity and volatility of demand and generate supply plans that reduce inventory costs and increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.