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ICRON Technological Differentiators

ICRON Technological Differentiators image

Decision-Centric Optimization

State-of-the art Platform End-to-end Collaboration

  • Next generation data-driven, decision-centric optimization.
  • Superior supply chain visibility and agility.
  • Seamless organizational collaboration.

Decision Process Coverage​

End-to-end SCP platform on a unified data​ Global pegging, Integrated business decisions, Scenario engine, Consistent user experience

  • Ability to start with a focused domain and expand coverage in line with the company's decision maturity level.
  • No need for a new investment as the company needs evolve.

Global Pegging​

Forward pegging, Backward pegging​

  • Identifying dependencies between supply chain activities.​
  • Ability to answering «why» and «how» questions.​
  • Investigating the correlations between all decisions put into action and intelligently helps to create new decisions in line with your company goals. ​

Handling Human Decision-making Bias​

Notifications and proposals, ​Automated scenario generation and analysis​

  • Notify any information that requires attention​.​
  • Proposing alternative decisions to guide towards a favorable outcome.​

Seamless Collaboration​

Real-time data driven intelligence and insights​

  • Superior cross-functional communication, collaboration and alignment.​​
  • All stakeholders have complete visibility over latest operational plans and decisions. Real-time communication and information sharing using platform messaging capability.​​

Risk & Opportunity​

The only software in the industry with a novel AI-based model that proactively identifies risks and opportunities to ensure resilient decision making​​

Mastering Complexity to Provide Simplicity​

UI, Insights, Notifications and Proposals​

  • Even though under the hood runs complex engines of algorithms, AI and optimization, ICRON integrates simplicity into your supply chain to gain better decision quality, accuracy, and speed​​.​​

Algorithmic Capability​

Multiple calculation engines based on:​ Heuristics, Optimization, AI/machine learning​

  • Efficient and high-quality end-to-end decision making.​​
  • Algorithmic capabilities extend from notifications and alerts that support manual planning to fully automated AI-based decision making.​​​

Modelling Capability​

Flexible Structure​​

  • Reflecting company's own needs on the models with minimum cost, min. time and easy maintenance. ​
  • Optimized decisions in the easiest way​.​​​
  • Continuous optimization the best fits the customer business.​​​​

Enterprise Event Management​

Superior visibility and control,​ Sense and Respond​

  • Track progress against plans and KPIs.
  • Map and continuously monitor operations with instantaneous alerting on new issues and anomalies. ​​​
  • Generate recommended solutions aligned with strategy.​​​​

Powerful Problem-Solving ​Capabilities​

Robust visual algorithm modeling, ​Low-code/No-code​​

  • Native, multi-objective optimization across business operations.
  • GSAMS visual algorithm modeling environment provides users with the power and flexibility to construct any algorithm.​​​
  • Quick design and deployment taking into account any industry and company specific constraints.

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