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Many food and beverage manufacturers face countless blending challenges every day.

• Global blending businesses need to purchase from globally diverse markets and channels, as well as auction centers with different and fluctuating prices.

• Quality and quantity of agricultural blending ingredients changes based on seasonal factors which entails a high uncertainty.

• Blending facilities scattered all around the world serving many markets with varying expectations.

ICRON Blending Optimization is the next generation cloud-based product of ICRON that serves companies in their long and midterm blending and purchasing decisions to create highest quality blends with minimum cost.

• A flexible, proactive, and low-cost replenishment (buying & shipping) plan for the whole network
• Meeting blend demand with consistent quality through dynamic raw material blending
• Minimization of ingredient inventory across the network
• A holistic solution in the best interests of the entire supply network, not individual units, or supply chains

Highest Quality Blends with Optimized Costs:


Decrease in purchasing cost


Decrease in inventory levels globally


Decrease in planning time

ICRON Blending Optimization Brings in A High Level of Visibility and Flexibility to Your Blending Business

More Competition Than Ever

• Dynamic blend recipe generation based on market availability and blend quality specifications
• What-if scenario analysis and comparison based on possible changes in demand, supply, or blend specifications
• Detailed root-cause analysis in case of unsatisfied blend requirements

Buying & Shipping

• Strategic buying decisions
• Smooth buying while controlling market pressure
• Decisions made considering lead times such as purchasing, port to port transportation, port to production location
• Visibility over the global supply of materials towards usage in production: From buying decision, through transportations, stocking and usage in production

Data Management

• Two-way integration with many data sources scattered among multiple landscapes • Business rule-based data generation, management, maintenance, and consolidation
• Excel upload / export functionality
• Data archiving
• Multi-user environment with specified user roles and authorizations