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Teknik Alüminyum, Experiencing a Planning Revolution

Amsterdam, 14 July 2017–  In October 2016 Teknik Alüminyum went live with ICRON’s Capacity Planning solution and today, with 3 quarters of user experience, there are only satisfied users. The results are above any expectation, considering that they came from Excel and now work with ICRON state-of-the-art, Capacity Planning solution. Teknik Alüminyum’s planners and managers had to go through a complete planning revolution, including getting used to a new planning methodology.

Before selecting a Capacity Planning solution, Teknik Alüminyum had defined some clear goals or KPI’s, they wanted to significantly improve the capacity utilization. And they wanted to approach this on a more scientific basis. The implementation was done in four months, from trial, via pilot to user acceptance and go-live, all made possible in such a short timeframe by using the ICRON APSA Advanced Algorithm standard implementation for 95% of the project.

Arbek Akay, General Manager of Teknik Alüminyum, says: “ We are very pleased with the ICRON Capacity Planning solution, we set some clear goals before we started the project, but ICRON realized 20 percent more improvement on capacity utilization than we aimed for. We can trully say that the operational effectiveness improved dramatically”.

Besides the production planning, ICRON also is used for employee capacity planning. Compared to the ‘old’ situation, the employee effectiveness is much higher. ICRON’s Capacity Planning solution ensures that there is a better skill - production match and less overtime, which off course also results into to an increase in employee satisfaction. In fact, ICRON changed the way of working. Ayse Ozay, Sales Director of ICRON Turkey expresses the uniqueness of the solution: “ There are many planning solutions capable of capacity planning, but within ICRON customers can plan production and employee capacity simultaneously with complete integration of data and planning”.

Teknik Alüminyum is also using bPort, ICRON’s advanced analytics and reporting tool. Fuat Orhan, Center of Excellence Director, comments: “ With bPort we now have a better management view on capacity planning at tactical level.

Teknik Alüminyum wants not only to enjoy and get the benefits of the current solution, but is already planning to go next steps with ICRON. Probably the next step is going to be the implementation of ICRON DS (Detailed Scheduling).

About Teknik Alüminyum

Turkey’s first aluminum coil and sheet producer, Teknik Alüminyum pioneers with its state of the art continuous casting technology platform; and leads the industry through its capabilities in R&D, measurement / testing / analyzing. Teknik Alüminyum provides a wide range of world class products, with an uncompromising quality and service approach.

Teknik Alüminyum drives the future by redefining the way the they do their every day work; through a flexible and agile model that brings forward the energy and the potential of their people: their very soul, and the very source of the competitive capability in creating values for the firm and stakeholders. Teknik Alüminyum calls this, TAM: Teknik Alüminyum Excellence Model. The Turkish meaning of the word TAM, ‘complete’ underlines our complete commitment to Complete Excellence.

This is a human and excellency – focused journey of cultural transformation; and the journey carries the power that we embodied for over 50 years, in the metal and the industry of the future, aluminum, to the next level.


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