90% Reduction of Overtime and Usage of Flexworkers

BEST Transformers | TURKEY

“Electrifying" capacity and production planning and scheduling operations


Decreased Fuel Consumption and Increased Transfer Capacity


Prevention of Production Bottlenecks


Increase in Productivity of 30% and substantial Energy Savings

LG Electronics | KOREA

Increased capacity utilisation in alignment with seasonal fluctuation


Increased capacity and decreased cycle times through early detection of future bottle necks

Vestel Elektronik | TURKEY

Increased Throughput and Minimized Change-Overtime through Distributed Planning

Caterpillar | MALAYSIA

Increased Operation Efficiency and Organizational Capacity


Leadtime Reduction of 20 %

Bridgestone | TURKEY

Production Capacity Increase of 1.4%

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Amsterdam, May 1st, ASML, world's leading providers of lithography systems for the semiconductor industry has chosen ICRON Advanced Planning and Scheduling system

ASML is a multinational organization with over 70 locations in 16 countries, headquartered in Veldhoven, the Netherlands, with a global direct employment for more than 12,400 people. ASML is one of the leading suppliers of advanced manufacturing equipment for the semi-conductors industry. It offers a range of high performance lithography machines. 2013 Sales is estimated to be around 200 systems and € 5.0 billion.


After a thorough selection process supported by Accenture, of many international APS software suppliers like Oracle, IBM Ilog, Quintiq, Manugistics, SAP APO and ICRON, ASML has chosen ICRON’s Supply Chain solutions to support the decision making process between material supply, manufacturing and sales on balancing demand and supply both at the strategic and tactical level. This decision is based on the unequaled functionality and the graphical modeling capability of ICRON, it’s capability of providing global support to ASML and the expressed knowledge and expertise of both ICRON and ICRON’s partner CQM in the area’s of Demand and Production Planning and Optimization.


Knowledge and functionality and flexibility are required to meet the by ASML expressed requirements to cope with ASML’s specific requirements in the areas of final assembly, component production and/or acquisition and resource management, and this in a highly volatile market environment with demanding customers and with component lead times far exceeding customer order lead times.


A team, consisting out of representatives of ASML - from both business and IT background – CQM, ICRON Technologies, reporting to an ASML-ICRON Steering Committee has dealed with the generation of the ASML specific competitive supply chain model and the implementation at the ASML Site in Eindhoven.


The ASML solution, called Scenario Planning and Optimization Tool, intelligently integrated with their current ERP system, is operational per May 2014. With an extensive SLA (Service Level Agreement) in place, ASML is able to fully concentrate on the optimal usage of the SPOT solution to optimize production and delivery.


About ICRON Technologies

Founded in 1993, ICRON Technologies Inc. is a leading developer and a global supplier of Advanced supply chain planning, Scheduling and Optimization solutions for manufacturing, distribution and Services organizations.  ICRON has delivered the fastest execution and implementations in the industry, with full APS implementations averaging just 3 months.  ICRON’s strategy is three-pronged:  provide quick results, industry-specific functionality, and the best solution for distributed planning operations. According to AMR  "ICRON provides a high-value, easily implemented and a low cost of ownership product for services and manufacturing focused enterprises, along with strong service and support,  it has been able to position itself as a low-risk choice."


ICRON Technologies

ICRON Technologies is a global firm with expertise in industrial and operational processes, specialized in manufacturing and supply chain management solutions.



" The architecture that has been developed and in many cases proven within implementations is compelling. It centers around a powerful visual modeling tool…


Business Consultancy

ICRON's Business scan (completed in a short period of time) offer clients expert, innovative and cost-effective solutions vision and proposal. In order to find out the potential business benefits of APS ......



“The ICRON APS platform has allowed us to model the operation under a range of scenarios with high levels of accuracy and very fast delivery...  Rufus Frere Smith - Vice President DHL Singapore


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