"The architecture that has been developed and in many cases proven within implementations is compelling. It centers around a powerful visual modeling tool…and is designed to support distributed, decentralized, collaborative processing within a multi-tier web-enabled network.…The company fully understands the need for such an architecture and also the price, ease of implementation, and use that its targeted mid-market will require."

ICRON Technologies Speaker at LogiPharma 2016 Conference in Montreux, Switzerland
Amsterdam, April 19, 2016 - As a Sponsor of the LogiPharma 2016 conference,  ICRON Technologies…
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Hayat Energy and ICRON Technologies for a Blue Planet
At Hayat Kimya’s three paper & pulp and hygienic products production facilities, the energy demand…
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ICRON Technologies Keynote Speaker at the ISC Europe Expo 2016
Amsterdam, February ’16,- As a proud Gold Sponsor, ICRON Technologies has been invited to participate…
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Next Generation Advanced Planning Solutions

Enabling Companies to use their supply chains as a true source of competitive advantage. The challenges of the global business landscape continue to evolve. New competitors enter the market every day, product life cycles are shorter, and customer expectations are more demanding; extending beyond cost and services to include ethical, environmental, and sustainability concerns.

The complex and rapidly changing business environment places new demands on supply chains, forcing companies to utilize their supply chains as a source of competitive advantage. ICRON Technologies provides a platform critical to companies who want to become or remain agile business leaders. Take a look at why global industry leaders are choosing the ICRON Technologies Platform here.

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Global Services


ICRON Technologies provides full project support from APS consulting to ongoing support...

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ICRON Technologies and its partners agreed to adhere to a number of principles that proofed to determine the success of APS implementation projects.

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ICRON Technologies Training Services provides education and training on Supply chain planning and execution...

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Customer Support

ICRON Technologies helps customers design and implement efficient and effective support structures once the solution is in place...

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ICRON means less fire-fighting and fewer crises regarding down-times for the production team, plus more capacity utilization, less changes for delivery time...
The ICRON APS platform has allowed us to model the operation under a range of scenarios with high levels of accuracy and very fast delivery...
ICRON was able to demonstrate to us a clear understanding of the complexities of MRO operations in SAESL. We were impressed by their knowledge...
We experienced transparency, more ownership of the plan and relaxation throughout the company, the moment we went life with ICRON...

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