90% Reduction of Overtime and Usage of Flexworkers

BEST Transformers | TURKEY

“Electrifying" capacity and production planning and scheduling operations


Decreased Fuel Consumption and Increased Transfer Capacity


Prevention of Production Bottlenecks


Increase in Productivity of 30% and substantial Energy Savings

LG Electronics | KOREA

Increased capacity utilisation in alignment with seasonal fluctuation


Increased capacity and decreased cycle times through early detection of future bottle necks

Vestel Elektronik | TURKEY

Increased Throughput and Minimized Change-Overtime through Distributed Planning

Caterpillar | MALAYSIA

Increased Operation Efficiency and Organizational Capacity


Leadtime Reduction of 20 %

Bridgestone | TURKEY

Production Capacity Increase of 1.4%

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21 January 2015 Dr. Z. Caner Taşkın from ICRON Technologies gives lecture on “The Next Generation of Advanced Planning Systems” at Eindhoven Technical University, Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences, in the Netherlands

How will businesses around the world meet the challenges of tomorrow? New competitors enter the market. Product life cycles become shorter. Customers are more demanding and now their expectations extend beyond cost and service to include ethical, environmental and sustainability concerns.

To meet the challenge, we need advanced planning, scheduling, optimization and analytics combined with the right cross-functional collaboration. Supply chains must respond to new demands in this complex and fast-changing environment. Companies seek ways not only to manage change, but also to use their supply chains as a source of competitive advantage. As production and distribution networks become more complex and global, operating them effectively is vital for profitability and resilience.


Dr. Z. Caner Taşkın will be sharing his vision of the next generation of Advanced Planning systems for industry. In his presentation he will introduce an object-oriented planning platform that is based on a visual algorithm modeling environment, supports advanced optimization algorithms such as column generation and cutting-planes, contains a finite-capacity planning and scheduling engine and facilitates high performance computing by automated parallelization of algorithms. He will also discuss some cases in industries such as the semiconductor, LED TV, glass and paper manufacturing industries where the developed solutions have enabled the companies to cope with an agile environment and significantly reduce their supply chain costs and energy costs.

Dr. Taşkın works in the fields of Large-scale Production Planning and Scheduling, Integer Programming and Advanced Analytics. He is the recipient of the IIE Pritsker Doctoral Dissertation Award 2010. He currently holds the position of Associate Professor, Industrial Engineering at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul. His research has appeared in academic journals such as Operations Research, Networks, Journal of Global Optimization, European Journal of Operational Research and Computers & Operations Research. Dr. Taşkın is Manager of R&D Product Development at ICRON Technologies, a company founded in 1993 in Chicago, USA, known for inventing the Multi-Mode Scheduling (MMS) engine and the ICRON platform for advanced planning, scheduling, optimization and analytics. In recent years Dr. Taşkın has implemented advanced solutions for companies globally in the automotive, high tech, chemicals, service and healthcare sectors, among others. Dr. Taşkın is also looking forward to discussing and hearing the insights of the colleagues from TU/e.

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