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Customer Centric Supply Chain Planning


Turn Chaos into Profit

In a dynamic business environment, the need for optimized inventory decisions is non-negotiable. With customer demand and supply lead times ever-shifting to the center stage, it is about managing stock levels to eliminate excess inventory and prevent stock-outs, all while meeting service level commitments. Simultaneously, organizations need to maximize revenue by converting inventory availability into sales.

ICRON Inventory unlocks the potential of supply chains with its innovative multi-echelon inventory optimization solution. It empowers businesses to take control, optimize resources, minimize stock costs, maximize customer satisfaction and profits, to stay ahead in their competitive market.


Let's dive into how ICRON Inventory benefits your organization with improved operations, optimized decision-making, and long-term sustainability.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Prevent stockouts. Enhance customer loyalty and reduce backordering costs by ensuring product availability.

Improve Cost Efficiency

Optimize your inventory levels to minimize unnecessary costs. Streamline inventory, cutting down on inventory holding costs, slow-moving items, and obsolescence expenses.

Gain End-to-End Visibility

Navigate the dynamic market landscape by gaining real-time visibility of inventory across multiple locations, enabling quick responses to changes in demand and supply.

Manage Uncertainty

Take the control of uncertainties arising from inaccurate forecasts, unforeseen lead times, and unreliable suppliers.

Enhance Inventory Efficiency

Optimize safety stock allocation across different SKU levels and stocking locations, considering capacity constraints, transportation issues, and financial limitations.

Streamline Supplier Management

Maintain a streamlined flow in complex supply networks. Minimize stockout risks by ensuring seamless coordination with your suppliers.

Empower Inventory Policies

Utilize realistic simulations to optimize inventory levels. Boost efficiency, and enhance overall supply chain performance with data-driven insights.

Gain Insights to Mitigate Risk

Benefit from strategic risk analysis to make informed decisions. Conduct sensitivity analysis to compare service level against safety stock investments for various risk scenarios.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customize service level agreements to cater to diverse demands. While increasing customers’ satisfaction, ensure all stakeholders’ well-being as well.

Measurable Benefits


Decrease in Stock Holding Cost


Reduction in Out-of-Stock


Closer to Optimal Stock Levels

A Unique Perspective on
Inventory Decisions
with ICRON's Differentiators

Customer Centricity
  • Focus on optimizing your inventory levels and resource allocation to meet customer demands accurately and consistently, while minimizing stockouts and associated costs.
  • By streamlining your inventory and resource allocation processes to ensure the reliable fulfillment of orders, you can foster long-lasting customer loyalty.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction remains a top priority by swiftly adapting to changes in demand through efficient inventory management strategies.
Dynamic Global Pegging
  • Achieving resilience in decision-making involves aligning supply chain operations with business goals, customer needs, and external variables.
  • Detailed inventory projections and advanced simulations are at your disposal, facilitating a swift assessment of the effectiveness of any inventory management policy.
  • Proactively addressing disruptions, market dynamics, and regulatory changes in inventory planning empowers strategic actions.
Embedded Analytics
  • Utilizing advanced data analytics, businesses can extract actionable insights from your inventory and supply chain data.
  • Decision-making is enriched through real-time data analysis, offering the flexibility to adapt swiftly to changing market conditions.
  • The application of predictive and prescriptive analytics capabilities provides a precise representation of your demand and supply lead times, enabling the optimization of inventory levels with accuracy.
Risk Management
  • The identification of potential risks allows for the exploration of opportunities and the examination of alternative sourcing and distribution strategies.
  • Inventory levels can be calibrated to adapt to unexpected demand surges and supply challenges.
  • Ensuring decisions align with your organization's risk tolerance achieves a balance between competitive and conservative inventory management policies.
  • Being informed about risks and opportunities reduces the likelihood of stockouts or overstock situations.
  • Reducing environmental impact is achieved by minimizing waste and excess through precise inventory alignment.
  • Energy consumption during production, warehousing, and transportation can be reduced through optimized planning.
  • Elevating supply chain efficiency contributes actively to energy conservation efforts.
Adaptive Scenario Planning
  • Agility is enhanced through adjustments to inventory strategies based on real-time scenarios, ensuring a timely response to market changes.
  • Proactive inventory control strategies can be developed by evaluating potential long-term trends and challenges.
  • Businesses can instantly and visually compare the results of multiple scenarios simultaneously to select the optimal inventory strategy.
Features That Set You Apart for Success!

ICRON Inventory is equipped with cutting-edge technological features that empower your organization to achieve resilience in your supply chain, facilitating efficient and informed decision-making.

Cost-efficient Multi-Echelon Inventory Management

  • Single- and multi-echelon inventory optimization
  • Performance analysis of the existing inventory policies
  • Service level vs. inventory capital analysis
  • Fast- and slow-moving inventory classification
  • Production & capacity constraint management

Advanced Inventory Projection & Simulations

  • Time-based, detailed, visual inventory projection for all levels of items & locations
  • Parametric and realistic simulations for inventory policy validation and comparison
  • Service levels (OTIF, fill-rate, etc.) and inventory based KPIs estimation by simulation

Demand & Supply Uncertainty Management

  • Flexible demand and lead time input management
  • Risk pooling effect to reduce variability by combining different demand streams

Automated Safety Stock Calculation & Advanced Manual Adjustments

  • Fully-automated, single-click optimization
  • User-friendly advanced manual adjustment options
  • Dynamic auto-calculation of affected safety stocks

Elevate Your Inventory Management

ICRON Inventory empowers your organization to elevate strategies for cost-efficiency, customer satisfaction, and resilient supply chain operations.

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Demand Decision Process

ICRON Demand empowers businesses to navigate uncertainty through accurate forecasting using AI-driven methods that take into consideration historical data, reaTime updates, and fast adaptation to changing market conditions and disruptions.