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ICRON is a Leading Provider of Decision-Centric Optimization Solutions

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ICRON is a Leading Provider of
Decision-Centric Optimization Solutions

We empower organizations to unlock their highest potential, adapt to change, and make responsible decisions for sustainable improvement in operational performance and environmental impact. ICRON’s powerful planning and decision-centric optimization solutions, enable organizations to seamlessly integrate strategic, tactical, and operational planning to make optimal decisions that effectively address diverse planning challenges.


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Solutions for Resilience and Sustainability

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Aviation


In the dynamic automotive industry, supply chains face challenges like just-in-time delivery, specialized parts sourcing, and supplier network management. To lead, companies must prioritize resilient supply chains and efficient distribution channels.


Streamlining operations in this intricate supply chain with stringent regulations is a great challenge. ICRON works alongside chemical manufacturers to leverage the right technology and strategy to find sustainable success in this dynamic sector.


In this competitive space, advanced supply chain planning can be a significant differentiator for success. Work with us to identify the best technology and optimize supply chain decisions for the FMCG industry.

Food & Beverage

We help food and beverage businesses meet evolving customer demand and navigate global complexities through integrated planning and optimization. Find the best-suited technological solutions to maintain quality, efficiency, and competitiveness with ICRON.


The glass manufacturing industry has unique challenges that call for customized solutions. Our experts help you build efficient systems for careful planning and optimization to succeed in the glass manufacturing supply chain.


Adapting to changing consumer preferences while maintaining costs and complying with regulations is a constant challenge in the dynamic hi-tech industry. We create AI-based planning solutions that enable your business to find efficiency, resilience, and sustainability.


As aging populations and emerging markets increase the market demand in the pharmaceutical industry, there is a critical need for resilient supply chain planning solutions. ICRON partners with pharma companies to build solutions that contain costs and streamline operations.

In the realm of retail store management, challenges abound for store managers. They are tasked with balancing responsibilities such as inventory ordering and personnel coordination, all while grappling with staffing shortages. Dive into the world of ICRON WFM, which tackles these hurdles through strategic capacity planning, dynamic rule management, and responsive scheduling. It optimizes staffing levels, addresses disruptions, and ultimately enhances overall store efficiency to elevate customer experiences and boost revenue within the retail sector. Read More

In the aviation sector, operational challenges such as fluctuating demand, stringent regulations, and safety standards are widespread. These factors directly impact revenue, capacity, and overall efficiency. easie" serves as a Decision Intelligence Hub, seamlessly integrating business strategy into daily functions. Addressing challenges in revenue management, ground handling, and maintenance, easie optimizes decisions for higher yield, improved capacity utilization, enhanced service levels, and reduced costs. Read More

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Words From Our Customers

Gain insights, and stay ahead of supply chain trends and updates with the latest thinkings on the supply chain.

“Their depth of knowledge, combined with the remarkable power and adaptability of their AI-powered decision-centric optimization solution, left a lasting impression. This, along with ICRON’s speed of implementation, made them an obvious choice. ICRON has proven itself to be an exceptional partner, one that consistently exceeds expectations and provides unparalleled solutions in the MRO supply chain industry.”


“There is a cooperation between ICRON and our organization that has been going on for more than 20-years. For our project, many improvements have been made to our needs including the algorithm. Also, we received quick returns to our problems via bug-tracker on remote working days.”


“In our project, we have experienced a quick product deployment. After ICRON CCSCP Deployment, we had the chance to reconsider our operational processes and additional business requirements. Then we've got ICRON's consultants' comments through the gap analysis process. At this point, it was very valuable in terms of both guidance and technical support.”


“Optimization made simple, very good collaboration with ICRON in an atmosphere of trust and transparency. Great user-friendliness, great scenario analysis.”


“ICRON has a strong platform and solutions, offering flexibility in design according to customer needs, along with a competent implementation team.”

Brisa Bridgestone

“ICRON, our supply chain partner, has successfully provided us with innovative solutions to optimize our tea blending process. In today's competitive market, every industry aims for cost reduction, improved visibility, and streamlined planning to navigate complexities effectively. However, achieving a remarkable 96% increase in demand satisfaction and yet delivering blend cost savings through recipe optimization is truly unprecedented. Through our partnership with ICRON, we have adopted a customer-centric approach to supply chain planning, risk management, and forecasting. This has enabled us to consistently deliver the exceptional taste that our customers expect in every sip of Lipton Tea.”

Lipton Teas & Infusions

“ICRON and JDE's collaboration has transformed our coffee and tea business. With reduced procurement costs, unbeatable blending unit prices, and improved demand satisfaction, we've boosted profit margins while minimizing inventory levels. It's a testament to our partnership's success and innovative solutions.”


“As we increase our market share in the cargo sector, Turkish Technology strategized on enabling technology embedded cargo business and partnered with ICRON. Together we have commissioned our AI and optimization-based Cargo Revenue Management Application at Turkish Cargo. With the partnership of Turkish Technology and ICRON, a leading provider of optimization solutions, our system is poised to achieve unparalleled effectiveness in pricing strategies for Turkish Cargo.”

Turkish Technology

“Aviation's pillars: excellent customer experience and optimal business efficiency, united by digital innovation. With ICRON, we excel on both fronts. Leveraging advanced optimization and AI, ICRON streamlines operations, boosts efficiency, and elevates customer satisfaction.”



Gain insights, and stay ahead of supply chain trends and updates with the latest thinkings on the supply chain.


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Demand Decision Process

ICRON Demand empowers businesses to navigate uncertainty through accurate forecasting using AI-driven methods that take into consideration historical data, reaTime updates, and fast adaptation to changing market conditions and disruptions.