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Maxion Jantaş to optimize inventory and workforce management with ICRON Capacity Planning solution

Maxion Jantaş to optimize inventory and workforce management with ICRON Capacity Planning solution

ICRON, a leading provider of Optimized Decision Making and Supply Chain Optimization software solutions, today announced that its Capacity Planning solution will be deployed at Maxion Jantaş, a joint venture between Maxion Wheels – the world’s largest manufacturer of wheels and the number one supplier of steel wheels globally – and Inci Holding. The implementation of ICRON’s integrated, automated Capacity Planning solution – which is expected to be completed in the next two months – will enable Maxion Jantaş to forecast demand one year ahead of time and optimize its steel purchasing decisions, workforce utilization, and inventory management.

To minimize inventory levels and maximize production efficiency, Maxion Jantaş must be able to accurately predict and determine which type of steel to buy, in what quantity, and from which suppliers. ICRON’s Capacity Planning solution will give Maxion Jantaş the capability to precisely forecast demand and make the best budgeting and purchasing decisions.

Mustafa Günüşen, Maxion Jantaş’ Planning and Logistics Director, remarked: “ Our main goal with the implementation of this new Capacity Planning solution from ICRON is to get answers to questions like ‘How much steel should be bought from which suppliers in order to support our production and keep the minimum inventory levels?’”

“ Maxion Jantaş is also going to use ICRON’s Capacity Planning solution to support the budgeting process for the next year’s budget preparations,” Günüşen added, “The ICRON solution will provide the basis for making decisions about acquisitions and production, taking into account all the different capabilities of the employees”.

With ICRON’s Capacity Planning solution, Maxion Jantaş will also be able to optimize the utilization of its workforce – ensuring that the right employees with the right capabilities are deployed on the right production lines at the right times. By using ICRON’s Capacity Planning platform to optimally plan its production operations and schedule its workers’ shifts, Maxion Jantaş will be able to maximize output and minimize overtime and costs.

Mert Ertürer, ICRON’s Business Consulting Director, explained: “ ICRON delivers workforce planning with a capacity view. It’s an integrated multiple layer planning system with multiple horizons: people, production, and material supplies”.

The Capacity Planning solution will also enable Maxion Jantaş to achieve gross profit optimization by giving its planners the capability to run “what If” scenarios to balance inventory, overtime, and customer satisfaction based on cost.

The Capacity Planning solution is the second ICRON solution implemented by Maxion Jantaş. In 2013, Maxion Jantaş started using ICRON’s Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) solution to optimize the production process on the wheel manufacturer’s assembly lines. The APS solution has enabled Maxion Jantaş planners to gain full visibility and control over their production operations, resulting in maximized output and minimized set-up times.

In conjunction with this new Capacity Planning project, ICRON has made some enhancements to the APS solution at Maxion Jantaş and will expand the scope of the system so that all the production steps – from steel to end products – will be included.

About Maxion Jantaş

Maxion Wheels is the world’s largest manufacturer of wheels, and the number one supplier of steel wheels globally. We provide high-quality tubeless and tube-type wheels for virtually all commercial vehicle applications, including trucks, light trucks, buses, midi-buses, trailers and military vehicles.

In Turkey, the company produces wheels with its partner, Inci Holding, through the joint venture, Maxion Jantaş and Maxion İnci. Maxion Jantaş plant in Turkey is located in Manisa, which is the largest wheel producing plant among the seven plants with a capacity of 2.4 million wheels annually. Maxion Wheels commercial vehicle wheel plants are located in USA, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Germany, India and China. Some customers of Maxion Jantaş are Daimler (Mercedes), Ford, Isuzu, Iveco, Freightliner, Krone, MAN, Mitsubishi,  Renault, Scania, Schmitz Cargobull, UD Truck-Japan and Volvo.

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