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Customer Centric Supply Chain Planning

Production & Capacity

Strengthen Productivity with Precision

In the dynamic business environments, making flexible and efficient production and capacity decisions are no longer optional, they are essential. Traditional approaches often fall short when faced with evolving customer demands and rapid market shifts, leading to inefficiencies and missed opportunities. To navigate this complex landscape, businesses need a robust production & capacity decision process.

ICRON Production & Capacity equips businesses with the data-driven insights and capabilities needed to thrive in the ever-evolving marketplace. It optimizes production decisions for maximum efficiency, ensures robust utilization of capacity, and streamlines inventory management for seamless operation.


Let's dive into how ICRON Capacity & Planning benefits your organization with improved operations, optimized decision-making, and long-term sustainability.

Gain Visibility Over Goods

Make informed decisions through mid to long-term production and capacity plans for each product level, starting from supply of raw materials to the satisfaction of customer demand.

Optimize Long-Term Capacity Plans

Manage your capacity plan through flexible and multi-objective optimization management to cover all business goals considering all possible resource and BOM alternatives.

Seize Opportunities

Track and manage opportunities regarding to production plan, stock allocations, and capacity engagement through continuous opportunity search mechanism.

Enhance Flexibility in Capacity Planning

Integrate factory calendar and unavailability rules to simulate resource capacity via the supply chain digital twin. Gain control over resources by managing capacity with easy modification options.

Achieve Resource Planning Excellence

Integrate a comprehensive approach to supply chain resource planning, including renewable, consumable, and complex resources.

Optimize Resource Utilization

Have access to resource utilization data, encompassing total utilized capacity, regular and over-time usages, and other relevant metrics using capacity management.

Elevate Inventory Management

Optimize inventory and production processes by employing a comprehensive material requirement planning with optimal bucket-based BOM selection.

Boost Order Satisfaction

Find the best possible balance between customer demand, resource utilization, and inventory levels to improve customer satisfaction.

Enhance Production Continuity

Instantly assess the impact of material purchases and resource unavailability on production decisions to proactively manage the possible disruptions.

Measurable Benefits


Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Improvement


Reduction in Operational Costs


Reduction in Backorders

A Unique Perspective on
Production & Capacity Decisions
with ICRON's Differentiators

Customer Centricity
  • Ensuring precision and reliability in meeting your customer demand and demand forecasts is essential, as it helps prevent stockouts and reduces backordering costs.
  • Optimizing inventory and resource management for order fulfillment cultivates customer loyalty.
  • Efficient production and inventory control ensures rapid adaptation to changing demands, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.
Dynamic Global Pegging
  • Utilizing detailed inventory and capacity projections is essential for swiftly assessing the effectiveness of your inventory and resource management strategy.
  • Addressing disruptions, market fluctuations, and regulatory shifts in supply chain production planning is crucial for maintaining operational resilience.
Embedded Analytics
  • Advanced data analytics are used to derive actionable insights from your inventory, resource, and supply chain data.
  • Decision-making is improved with real-time data analysis, which allows businesses to quickly respond to shifting market conditions.
  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics are employed to accurately model your demand and supply lead times, enabling precise capacity optimization.
  • Thorough analysis of your resource utilization, along with detailed time projections for your capacity planning, production, and bottleneck management, provides you with invaluable insights for optimizing efficiency.
Risk Management
  • With ICRON Production & Capacity, businesses have the opportunity to turn potential risks into advantages by exploring alternative sourcing and distribution strategies.
  • Decisions are aligned with your organization's risk tolerance by striking a balance between competitive and conservative inventory and resource management approaches.
  • Decision makers are kept well-informed through timely notifications and heat maps to have a clear understanding of potential risks, minimizing the risk of stock-outs, and optimizing the utilization of your valuable resources.
  • The production plans and capacity allocations are optimized such that the energy consumption and therefore the environmental impact of the manufacturing activities are minimized.
  • The production and distribution of the finished goods as well as the sourcing of the materials are always in alignment with carbon emission constraints.
  • Target inventory levels and the production activities to achieve them are set to minimize the waste.
Adaptive Scenario Planning
  • Real-time adjustment of production strategies can improve agility and ensure timely responses to market shifts.
  • Assessing potential long-term trends and challenges enables businesses to proactively create production management plans.
  • Easily comparing outcomes from multiple scenarios empowers managers to select the best production strategy at any time.
Features That Set You Apart for Success !

ICRON Production & Capacity is equipped with cutting-edge technological features that empower your organization to optimize its supplying capability and capacity at all strategic, tactical and operational levels, facilitating efficient and informed decision-making.

Resource Capacity & Bottleneck Management

  • Factory calendar management
  • Unavailability management
  • Resource capacity management

Parametric Multi-objective Optimization

  • Flexible and multi-objective optimization management
  • Competitive strategy-based optimization models
  • Considering resource and BOM alternatives
  • Objective prioritization
  • Embedded with customizable objective and constraint management.

End-to-End Production Plan Visibility

  • Detailed medium to long-term production planning for each BOM levels
  • Thorough end-to-end production plan visibility including detailed resource and inventory engagements
  • Effective resource workload management.
  • Mid to long-term period-based item inventory projection
  • Flexible time horizon and granularity management

Elevate Your Capacity and Production Management

ICRON Production & Capacity empowers your organization to excel in planning, ensuring resource optimization, a leading market position, and sustained competitiveness.

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Demand Decision Process

ICRON Demand empowers businesses to navigate uncertainty through accurate forecasting using AI-driven methods that take into consideration historical data, reaTime updates, and fast adaptation to changing market conditions and disruptions.