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Customer Centric Supply Chain Planning


Pave The Route To Resilience

Achieving an optimal production schedule is a delicate balance between maximizing throughput and minimizing costs. The foundation for success lies in a robust scheduling decision process, providing real-time insights into how choices impact order fulfillment and future forecasts. This transparency empowers schedulers to proactively address disruptions like machinery breakdowns, facilitating adjustments to the schedule and ensuring seamless operations.

ICRON Scheduling is designed to optimize resource allocation, ensuring efficient production planning to meet customer orders, enhance inventory management, and improve on-time delivery performance. Beyond providing real-time insights, the system excels in facilitating rapid adjustments during disruptions, contributing to heightened productivity for schedulers. This integrated approach empowers businesses to confidently navigate scheduling complexities, ultimately achieving a cost-effective operational balance.


Let's dive into how ICRON Scheduling benefits your organization with improved operations, optimized decision-making, and long-term sustainability.

Master Short-Term Production Plan

Optimize short-term production planning with precise stock projections, requirement and order satisfaction analysis using intuitive interactive Gantt chart.

Enhance Scheduling Efficiency and Collaboration

Receive timely alerts on possible disruptions and opportunities leveraging advanced algorithms and real-time data. Collaborate with stakeholders promptly on actionable decisions.

Minimize Stockouts

Align stock projections with production planning and scheduling to avoid stockouts and ensure reliable scheduling to fulfill customer orders.

Optimize Resource Engagement

Utilize automatic material requirement and capacity planning for efficient resource allocation and reduced inventory waste.

Increase Planning Accuracy

Guarantee precision with real-time schedule adjustments, batch size changes, operation editing, and automatic resource control.

Power Organizational Alignment

Align your production schedules with the longer term production and capacity plans, as well as with supply procurement and customer engagement strategies.

Measurable Benefits


Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Improvement


Reduction in Operational Costs


Reduction in Backorders

A Unique Perspective on
Scheduling Decisions
with ICRON's Differentiators

Customer Centricity
  • Maintaining precision and reliability in meeting your customer demands is paramount, as it helps prevent stockouts and reduces backordering costs.
  • Optimization of inventory and resource management ensures order fulfillment, fostering customer loyalty.
  • Efficient scheduling management allows organizations to adapt quickly to changes in demand, ultimately guaranteeing customer satisfaction.
Dynamic Global Pegging
  • You gain complete visibility into your scheduled productions which covers all relationships from raw material purchases to customer order deliveries, incorporating every step of production operations and WIP inventories.
  • Aligning your supply chain operations with your business objectives, customer requirements, and external factors empowers your organization to make more resilient decisions.
  • Possible disruptions, market fluctuations, and regulatory shifts in capacity planning are proactively addressed in scheduling decision process.
Embedded Analytics
  • ICRON utilizes advanced data analytics to derive actionable insights from your inventory, resource and supply chain data.
  • You can significantly improve decision-making with real-time data analysis to quickly respond to shifting market conditions.
  • With ICRON’s Analytics Engine, you can employ predictive and prescriptive analytics to accurately model your demand and supply lead times, enabling advanced scheduling.
  • ICRON’s advanced scheduling engine enables flexible and multi-operation management considering resource and all possible BOM alternatives.
Risk Management
  • Disruption management in the ability to view potential risks as opportunities, coupled with exploring alternative sourcing and distribution strategies, contributes to strengthening your supply chain scheduling resilience and reducing susceptibility to disruptions.
  • Harmonizing decision-making with your organization's risk tolerance involves achieving an equilibrium between competitive and conservative approaches to inventory and resource management, thereby optimizing both profitability and risk mitigation.
  • By proactively receiving notifications about risks and opportunities, organizations can minimize the likelihood of stockouts or overstock scenarios, maximizing resource utilization and minimizing costs.
  • Conducting a thorough risk analysis through period-based time projections, covering scheduling plans, productions, and bottleneck resources in intricate detail, contributes to improved decision-making accuracy and the reduction of operational uncertainty.
  • With ICRON Scheduling, your organization actively contributes to energy conservation initiatives while enhancing supply chain efficiency.
  • Sustainability is maximized through the implementation of optimized and customizable scheduling, resulting in waste reduction, decreased resource consumption, and efficient management of materials, energy, and labor.
  • Optimized scheduling not only reduces lead times but also significantly contributes to a decrease in transportation emissions, aligning with your environmental sustainability objectives.
Adaptive Scenario Planning
  • Enhancing agility with the help of scenario planning involves the real-time adaptation of production strategies, ensuring timely responsiveness to shifts in the market landscape.
  • Businesses can achieve proactive production planning by conducting assessments of potential long-term trends and anticipated challenges.
  • The ability to simultaneously compare the outcomes of multiple scenarios facilitates streamlined decision-making, enabling you to make instant and visual selections of the optimal production strategy.
  • By utilizing manual modifications, businesses can create a multitude of what-if scenarios and conduct performance analyses on each.
Features That Distinguish Your Path to Success!

ICRON Scheduling is equipped with cutting-edge technological features that empower your organization to optimize production schedules, facilitating efficient and informed decision-making.

Advanced Scheduling and Sequencing

  • Both manual and automatic scheduling and sequencing for each BOM level
  • Planning horizon selection
  • Disruption management through manual modifications via simple drag & drop
  • Detecting and alerting about rule/constraint violations caused by manual modifications
  • Interactive Gantt chart with conditional color coding, tool tips, and dynamic filters to help to identify risks and opportunities

Resource Capacity & Bottleneck Management

  • Various types of resource scheduling (e.g., machines, production lines, labor, tools, and equipment)
  • Primary/secondary resource capacity constraints
  • Setup minimization
  • Dynamic resource-shift assignments
  • Resource selection for scheduling
  • Alternative resource prioritization
  • Planned maintenance and downtime management

Material and Product Inventory Projection

  • Automatic material requirements planning
  • BOM alternative management
  • WIP stock minimization
  • Material constrained and unconstrained scheduling

End-to-End Production Plan Visibility

  • Time-based inventory projection for material, finished and semi-finished products
  • Short term demand satisfaction analysis
  • Detailed end-to-end supply chain information with ICRON Global Pegging Engine:
    • Available-to-promise (ATP)
    • Capable-to-promise (CTP)
    • Global (Multi Level) backward and forward pegging
    • Modeling of advanced pegging rules via callbacks
    • Native scenario support

Elevate Your Scheduling Management

With ICRON Scheduling, achieve production optimization, punctual deliveries, stockout prevention, enhanced agility, efficient resource allocation, and sustainability for successful outcomes.

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Demand Decision Process

ICRON Demand empowers businesses to navigate uncertainty through accurate forecasting using AI-driven methods that take into consideration historical data, reaTime updates, and fast adaptation to changing market conditions and disruptions.