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Information Security Policy

The Information Security Policy were last updated on May 31, 2021

We as the ICRON Management who believes Management Systems as customer oriented,

  • Aiming to provide presenting our services error free, higher quality levels with lower costs and being the foremost and leader at Computing Industry,
  • Faster and more effective system establishment by using technology enablers at corporate communication with Internal / External Customers, Business Partners, Suppliers and other related 3rd party connections,
  • Data and Information Security Management Systems establishment, running, improving, auditing and spotting necessary improvement areas by monitoring performance criteria and process activities, keeping compliance to legislative procedures, standards and needs and expectations of other parties,
  • Providing necessary infrastructure, equipment, machinery, labor, training and related resources for establishing and running systems with sustainable systems infrastructure,
  • Leveraging teamwork by encouraging leadership and staff participation  at all our processes and enabling participation and pluralistic management understanding,
  • Delivering services aiming perfection and increasing all our customers satisfaction and sustain it at the top, by managing customer feedbacks effectively, timely delivery of services by effective use of resources, and discontinuing process with no value delivery, eliminating negative costs,
  • Determining confidentiality, availability and integrity based information and data security risks of any information asset which owned by our company, customers, suppliers or business partners, and building a structure for handling those systematically in order to continuously improve, develop and prevent new risks occurrence,
  • Determining risks for accident and non-conformity risks based on Information Security, Quality, Environment and Occupational Safety domains and establish necessary preventative measures and management,
  • Imposing healthy, relax, comfortable, ergonomic and safe work environment for our employees as a part of their life,
  • Using human and environment friendly technologies and products for sustainable growth and livable environment,
  • Sustainable delivery of services at international standards level, training for continuous improvement, increasing cultural and social activities, full participation for all activities, aiming high awareness in every part of society for benefits of these activites and enabling spread to the base, corporate culture establishment by using this way,
  • Compliance to national, international and industry regulations, legislative and related legislations requirements, expectations of standards, provisions from agreements with customers, business partners, suppliers and 3rd parties, corporate responsibilities caused from internal and external stakeholder requirements,
  • Having full responsibility for collecting, processing, transferring, storing, protecting and secure disposing of personal data/information which belong to employees, customers, visitors, suppliers, business partners and other related 3rd parties under the context of Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 and other related legislation,

We are all commiting.