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IoT EurAsia, 10 April 2018, Istanbul, Turkey

IoT EurAsia, 10 April 2018, Istanbul, Turkey

ICRON is the proud sponsor of IoT EurAsia Conference in Istanbul, Turkey.

The event will bring together 500+ executives who would like to exchange knowledge about the topics such as IoT Deployment, Building Blocks of IoT Platforms, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Optimized Decision Making.

There will be sessions Case Study Showcases, Parallel Roundtable Discussion and Workshops, with topics such as:

  • Automotive: enhancing the way we live, travel and interact
  • Manufacturing: building smart factories to transform manufacturing
  • Enterprise: tansforming the entire value chain with connected and intelligent technologies
  • Retail: from supply chain to enhancing consumer experiences
  • Supply Chain: revolutionising supply chain & logistics to enable more effective tracking; improve efficiencies and prevent failures
  • Energy, Oil and Gas: from smart metering in homes to smart grids, how can the energy and utility sector benefit?
  • Cities: improving the life of citizens
  • Banking & Insurance: data, apps & real-time analytics

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