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ORBEL 32, 1-2 February 2018, Liège, Belgium

ORBEL 32, 1-2 February 2018, Liège, Belgium

ICRON is the proud sponsor of the ORBEL 32.

ORBEL 32 is the 32nd conference of ORBEL, the Belgian Operational Research (OR) Society, Member of EURO, the association of European OR Societies, and Belgian representative of IFORS (International Federation of OR Societies).

The conference is intended as a meeting place for researchers, users and potential users of Operational Research, Statistics, Computer Science and related fields. It will provide managers, practitioners, and researchers with a unique opportunity to exchange information on quantitative techniques for decision making.

This year’s meeting (ORBEL32) will take place in the city of Liège at HEC Liège-Management School of ULiège, and will be organized by the HEC Liège Centre for Quantitative Methods and Operations Management (QuantOM).

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