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Sisecam starts discussions to invest in ICRON

Sisecam starts discussions to invest in ICRON


Sisecam took the first step to enter a new business field which promises high potential to bolster its holistic digitalization and operational excellence efforts. Sisecam has signed a letter of intent to become an investor in Turkish technology company ICRON - an optimization platform service provider to numerous sectors for strategic and operational decision making.

This initial investment that Sisecam started negotiations in the field of technology development marks Sisecam’s determination to invest in technology-focused, promising technology companies and projects. With this new step and approach, Sisecam signals that it will accelerate its growth journey centered around data, innovation, and digitalization.

Sisecam, a global player in the glass and chemicals industries has signed a letter of intent to become an investor in ICRON, a Turkish technology company that provides optimization platform services to numerous sectors for their strategic and operational decision-making needs. Sisecam’s ongoing discussions on its initial investment in the field of technology development reflect the company’s eagerness and appetite in innovative, technological, digital, and promising technology companies and projects. Differentiating with the smart technology usage and its competent human resources, Sisecam continues its uninterrupted growth by blending its unique experience gained during 88 years of corporate industrial history with its transformation efforts and promising investments.

While Sisecam continues to assess investment opportunities in different business areas to gain new strengths, the discussions initiated with ICRON represent a strategic step for the company to further enhance its transformation and digitalization efforts with diverse skills and perspectives. Sisecam, defines itself as a technology company breaking new grounds with its experience and capabilities in different fields. Developing technology for its operations and businesses has always been a part of Sisecam’s working culture.

In 2018 Sisecam started a holistic transformation project in order to get ready for the future. This transformation journey is defined as “the most advanced SAP re-platforming project” in the world. Sisecam is also the first company in Turkey to carry out a foreign trade transaction with blockchain technology. Another pioneer initiative that Sisecam launched in line with its ‘End-to-End Digital Treasury Management’ target is the Digital Fraud Detection and Control System. Sisecam, the first company in Turkey to join the swift network by obtaining a corporate swift code, is also the winner of the Adam Smith Best Cyber Security Solution Award in 2021, one of the most prestigious awards in this field. Sisecam received the Alexander Hamilton Digital Transformation Award in 2022 for its success in managing digital transformation projects, finding, and integrating technology solutions to solve problems in operational processes.

If the negotiations reach an agreement, ICRON will become Sisecam’s first investment in the field of technology development. This investment from Sisecam will support the growth of ICRON, a company with high potential in the world of decision optimization and provide gains for Sisecam by elevating the operational excellence and optimization approach within its current operations to a higher level.

Sisecam’s CEO Gorkem Elverici, ICRON’s CEO Gurer Unal and Sisecam’s Chief Supply Officer Dr. Selma Oner came together in Barcelona at Gartner’s Supply Chain Expo 2023 to evaluate the market potential. According to the letter of intent, if the negotiations end with an agreement, Sisecam will have an option right to increase its total stake in ICRON up to 50% by 2027.

ICRON steps into the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Supply Chain Solutions

Established in 1992, ICRON offers intelligent supply chain solutions that contribute to the sustainable, efficient and profitable operations of global customers in various sectors. ICRON’s algorithm-based, decision-centric software platform supports multiple decision makers, decision processes, and scenarios through various problem-solving techniques such as optimization, planning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence algorithms. Sisecam and ICRON have been collaborating since 1996 for Sisecam’s supply chain related needs. ICRON has once again proven its capabilities by stepping into the 2023 Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant for Supply Chain Planning Solutions”, which was published in May 2023. Gartner is recognized as one of the most respected technological research and consulting organizations worldwide. This recognition further establishes ICRON’s position as one of the top 20 companies in the global supply chain planning domain and demonstrates ICRON’s capabilities since the report serves as a highly regarded and globally essential guide followed by supply chain decision-makers worldwide.

About Sisecam

Sisecam was founded in 1935 to establish Turkey’s glass industry in line with the vision of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, a great leader respected worldwide. Today, Sisecam is a major global player in the fields of glass and chemicals. Sisecam is the only global company operating in all core areas of glass production – including flat glass, glassware, glass packaging, and glass fiber. Currently, Sisecam ranks among the world’s top two manufacturers of glassware and the top five producers of glass packaging and flat glass. Sisecam is one of the three largest soda ash producers in the world and the world leader in chromium chemicals.

Sisecam plays a leading role in the flat glass, glassware, glass packaging, chemicals, automotive, glass fiber, mining, energy and recycling business lines. Sisecam operates production facilities in Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Russian Federation, Georgia, Ukraine, Egypt, India, and the USA in addition to Turkey.

Sisecam is taking major steps towards its goal of becoming one of the world’s top three manufacturers in its main fields of activity. Driven forward by its highly competent human resources and smart technologies, Sisecam is continuously transforming its digital infrastructure and corporate culture taking into account the needs of the future. With 88 years of experience and more than 24,000 employees, Sisecam conducts production activities in 14 countries on four continents and operates a sales network in more than 150 countries worldwide. Sisecam is moving forward on its growth journey in line with its Global Excellence strategy and powered by an inclusive approach that supports the development of its entire ecosystem. Sisecam takes responsibility for protecting the planet, empowering society and transforming life with its CareForNext strategy, which is compliant with and centered around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Sisecam uses all its experience and competencies to promote sustainable development in every aspect.


ICRON is a leading provider of Customer Centric Optimized Supply Chain Decision Solutions, to make organizations resilient against disruptions.

ICRON’s algorithm-based, data-driven, decision-centric software platform supports multiple users working on ,multiple decision scenarios within multiple decision processes. ICRON users intelligently and conveniently utilize various problem-solving techniques including optimization, heuristics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in making optimized decisions.

ICRON enables the beauty and simplicity in making optimized decisions so that enterprises realize their full potential to contribute to the well-being of their stakeholders.

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