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Graphical Modeling

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Many companies are interested in investing in planning, scheduling, and decision making optimization software solutions as they can bring tremendous operational and financial benefits, but decide to hold off due to the fact that many of these solutions:

Recognizing the great demand from consumers for a simple but powerful planning, scheduling, and decision making optimization solution, ICRON designed a groundbreaking, user-friendly platform that delivers complete, customized optimization of any company’s operations without the need for algorithmic expertise or extensive configuration and programming.

What makes ICRON’s solution so easy to implement and use? Its state-of-the-art graphical modeling framework: the Graphical Scheduling Algorithm Modeling System (GSAMS).

Putting the Power of Optimization at Your Fingertips

A key component of the ICRON platform, ICRON GSAMS serves as the veritable, visual command center for your entire business, giving you real-time visibility and total control over your operations and the ability to effortlessly generate optimal plans and schedules. Simply put, GSAMS puts the power of optimization at your fingertips.

With GSAMS you can easily build, test, and modify scheduling algorithms – without the need for complicated coding or script writing – by simply dragging and dropping basic processing units onto a design window and defining the relationships between them.

These algorithms are then fed to the potent planning and scheduling engine at the heart of the ICRON platform, which handles constraint management and optimization.

Smooth Implementation, Significant Impact

With its user-friendly graphical interface and wizard-based navigation, GSAMS enables you to rapidly and readily define planning logic based on your company’s unique business processes and practices, and create plans that drive synchronization and optimization throughout your operations.

The use of graphical modeling eliminates the need to engage external computer programming specialists and ensures that the planning solution is designed around your company’s needs – and thus will not compel you to make unnecessary changes in your work practices due to system limitations and constraints.

GSAMS’ open architecture enables the web-based ICRON planning platform to be easily integrated with your existing systems.

Once your company’s planning requirements have been defined in ICRON, it typically takes only a few days for the new platform to be fully operational and capable of producing optimal plans and schedules.

These schedules are automatically generated in a matter of seconds and displayed in GSAMS as graphical flow charts, giving planners a full and clear picture of real-time operations and also enabling them to easily evaluate plans and update them to take into account changing circumstances and constraints.

Fostering Coordination and Collaboration

No matter which sector and industry your company is in, ICRON’s solution can integrate and coordinate the strategic, tactical and operational decision-making throughout your enterprise. When your company implements ICRON, GSAMS will serve as the single source of truth – a window that offers a complete, panoramic view of your operations and plans that all stakeholders can access and understand.

The visibility offered by GSAMS will foster enhanced accountability, coordination, and collaboration within your company, and will also improve your communications processes and relationships with external stakeholders and clients.

ICRON GSAMS is a robust, visual scheduling algorithm modeling tool that enables you to achieve control, visibility, and optimization throughout your operations.

Easy to implement and use, ICRON GSAMS is capable of quickly and automatically generating optimal plans and schedules, and will thus will almost immediately have a profoundly positive impact on your enterprise – driving greater operational efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Your company’s planning and operational problems are complex and challenging, but, with ICRON GSAMS, the solution – algorithm-based optimization – is simple.


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