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The ICRON Architecture

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The hallmarks of ICRON’s revolutionary and robust Optimized Decision Making and Supply Chain Optimization solutions are: fast and easy implementation, full supply chain visibility and agility, and the capability to deliver complete, continuous planning and scheduling optimization across any business operation.

Fast and Easy Implementation

ICRON’s intelligent, automated planning, scheduling, and optimization platform was built to provide a fast and flexible solution capable of quickly and effectively solving any planning problem – a from network analysis, manpower, materials and operations planning to detailed financial planning – in any business environment.

A totally scalable solution, ICRON provides a perfect 100% fit for any business: it is designed precisely around clients’ needs thus does not require changes in work practices due to system limitations and constraints, and integrates seamlessly with existing ERP systems.

The key element that makes ICRON’s solution so easy to implement and use is its cutting-edge, proprietary graphical modeling framework: the Graphical Scheduling Algorithm Modeling System (GSAMS).

GSAMS – which consists of a rich set of planning ingredients that form the basis to model and solve the most complex supply chain planning, scheduling and optimization issues – enables users to quickly construct web-based planning and execution models based on their unique business processes and practices.

Once a company’s planning requirements have been defined using GSAMS, it typically takes only a few days to generate algorithms – which are presented as graphical flow charts – and begin operating the new ICRON planning and optimization system.

Planners’ workloads are significantly reduced through ICRON’s rapid auto-scheduling capability – typically by up to 80% compared with manual techniques. This provides additional time for planners to focus on other essential tasks including effective production control, plan implementation, and the generation of scenario analysis.

Full Supply Chain Visibility and Agility

ICRON offers full visibility over the entire, end-to-end supply chain network, enabling companies to optimally balance supply, capacity, and demand, engendering greater integration and collaboration among the key stakeholders in any enterprise.

With no limit on the number of authorized users that can access an ICRON server, up-to-the-minute planning and scheduling information and operational data is always available in real-time to all employees – from senior management to the planning team to the workers on the shop floor.

This shared visibility and enhanced coordination allows for ongoing, collective assessment of operational efficiency, costs, and productivity, and the dynamic revision of plans and schedules – in response to changes in the market or production disruptions and constraints – to optimally reallocate resources and capacity.

Complete, Continuous Optimization

At the heart of the ICRON solution is a powerful finite capacity scheduling and optimization engine. All operations take place in the PC RAM, which is capable of generating optimized plans and schedules and revising them in a matter of seconds.

The ICRON system will only assign a task to an available resource, meaning that all plans delivered are realistic and reliable – as they take into account each individual company’s current and forecasted capacity, resources, and constraints – and deliver an optimal solution to even the most complex operations planning problem.

ICRON’s groundbreaking planning, scheduling, and optimization platform is built to deliver complete, customized optimization for any enterprise – today and into the future.


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Demand Decision Process

ICRON Demand empowers businesses to navigate uncertainty through accurate forecasting using AI-driven methods that take into consideration historical data, reaTime updates, and fast adaptation to changing market conditions and disruptions.