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Your company faces constant changes: daily changes in supply and demand that impact your operations on the shop floor or in the supply chain, and long-term changes in market conditions or your business model.

ICRON’s advanced planning and scheduling (APS) and optimization solution enables enterprises of all types and sizes to plan, schedule, and execute optimally, so that they can react efficiently and effectively to changes and rise above the challenges in their business environments.

ICRON’s groundbreaking, scalable APS optimization platform is easy to implement and use – your company’s planners will be able to effortlessly configure and customize ICRON (without complicated coding or programming) to model your unique business structure, resources, and constraints and quickly generate planning and scheduling algorithms that drive optimization across your operations.

ICRON’s web-based architecture offers full supply chain visibility for all key stakeholders in your company and even allows multiple users to access a single scheduling session simultaneously. This distributed structure fosters greater integration and collaboration across your enterprise.

With ICRON, your planners will be always be prepared and capable of coping with sudden swings in demand and unexpected developments in the market. ICRON automatically and optimally revises plans as changes in supply and demand or disruptions in production occur, working in concert with ERP, MES, SCADA, or other internal systems to resolve constraints and dynamically update schedules.

You can transform your supply chain into a source of competitive advantage and overcome the changes and challenges in your business environment with ICRON’s intelligent, planning optimization solution.

Distributed Business Model

Structurally speaking, ICRON is designed based on our Distributed Business Model (DBM). We view each enterprise as a distributed organization built to generate profit by selling goods and services to customers by utilizing an available set of resources – and have designed our APS solution accordingly to accommodate this distributed paradigm.

DBM is composed of a set of distinct system components, communicating through a distributed object architecture. Each component models a particular functionality of the enterprise and uses an internet-based communication mechanism to work in tandem with the other components.


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Demand Decision Process

ICRON Demand empowers businesses to navigate uncertainty through accurate forecasting using AI-driven methods that take into consideration historical data, reaTime updates, and fast adaptation to changing market conditions and disruptions.