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Press Release

ICRON launches “ICRON Order Promising”, the first plug & play supply chain planning offer in the market.

Istanbul, 21 April 2021 – ICRON, a leading provider of optimized decision making and supply chain optimization software solutions, is proud to announce ICRON Order Promising, the first plug & play supply chain planning offer in the market.

“We believe, in the wake of many disruptions and the latest pandemic, global supply chain mechanics need to be re-evaluated regardless of industry and global position” said Gürer Ünal, CEO of ICRON Technologies. “Decisions taken years ago to manage complexities, no longer serve their purpose today. This is the right time for companies to take a fresh look at how they manage their supply chain decision making. In the “new normal” supply chain decision optimization is not a luxury anymore, it is a necessity.”

Building upon the heritage of 30 years in supply chain planning industry, ICRON recognized the importance of the cloud and SaaS empowered model. ICRON Order Promising is enlightening the supply chain planning journey by making next generation optimization software much more accessible and affordable than ever before. Through this innovative model, ICRON enables businesses, regardless of size, to access a full suite of supply chain planning solutions that is easy to adapt to their organizations. ICRON Order Promising enables companies to make optimized due date promising decisions. It is easy to start using being a SaaS offering, a plug & play solution with no development needs, and an instant-win choice, immediately providing a full insight on your business capacity.

ICRON Order Promising provides real time visibility on your orders and delivery schedule, as well as unwarranted risks and opportunities.

ICRON Order Promising delivers an OTIF delivery performance increase of 10%-50%, net profit improvement in the excess of 25%, reduction in inventory levels 15% - 30%.

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