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Şişecam Chemicals selects ICRON to integrate and optimize end-to-end supply chain operations

Şişecam Chemicals selects ICRON to integrate and optimize end-to-end supply chain operations

ICRON, a leading provider of Optimized Decision Making and Supply Chain Optimization software solutions, today announced that Şişecam Chemicals will be implementing ICRON’s Demand Planning, Sales & Operations (S&OP) Planning, and Capacity Planning solutions at the chemicals manufacturer’s factories in Mersin, Turkey and Lukavac, Bosnia-Herzegovina. ICRON’s algorithm-based solutions will help Şişecam Chemicals to automatically generate optimal, integrated plans that increase end-to-end supply chain visibility, efficiency, and profitability.

This new implementation marks an expansion of the business relationship between ICRON and the Şişecam Group, one of the most established enterprises in Turkey and the parent company of Şişecam Chemicals. Şişecam Group currently utilizes ICRON’s S&OP, Detailed Scheduling, Financial & Budget Planning, and Strategic Planning solutions at its flat glass business in Turkey and ICRON’s Detailed Scheduling solution at its Ruscam Glass Packaging plant in Russia.

In late 2017, Şişecam Chemicals began looking for a supply chain planning and optimization solution that would achieve substantial improvements including but not limited to:

  • Improved visibility over its end-to-end supply chain and coordination between various departments when generating and executing sourcing, production, and delivery plans. Currently, different departments in the organization are operating in silos and manually creating their own plans using Excel files.
  • Optimized balancing of supply and demand, given volatile market dynamics and scarce manufacturing resources, and the capability to rapidly respond to new customer orders while managing production capacity and material and inventory levels.
  • Identifying and resolving bottlenecks in production capacity and material availability and also in making accurate stock projections and plans.

To enable Şişecam Chemicals to conquer these and other supply chain challenges, ICRON proposed a trio of solutions: Demand Planning, S&OP Planning, and Capacity Planning. After a thorough and rigorous selection process that involved multiple providers, Şişecam Chemicals chose ICRON.

The deployment of ICRON’s solutions will enable Şişecam Chemicals to achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility and agility as well as the capability to automatically generate optimal short- and medium-term plans that match supply and demand and optimize inventory, delivery performance, sourcing, and capacity and resource utilization.

Barış Selçuk, ICRON’s Services & Support Director, remarked: “ ICRON’s integrated, intelligent platform will serve as the ‘single source of truth’ for supply chain planning within Şişecam Chemicals, fostering greater cross-functional communication and collaboration and delivering optimized planning, decision making, and execution across the chemical manufacturer’s operations. After the implementation of the ICRON solutions, we expect to see a significant increase in Şişecam Chemicals’ customer service levels, gross profits and gross margins and a decrease in inventory levels and costs.”

About Şişecam Chemicals

​​Şişecam Chemicals represents one of the four main businesses of Şişecam. Şişecam Chemicals represents Şişecam in the chemicals, mining and glass fiber industries successfully on a global scale. It operates in the fields of soda products and chromium chemicals industrial raw materials, glass fiber, Vitamin K3 derivatives, and sodium metabisulfite in over 20 facilities across five countries.

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