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ICRON and Dijitalis join forces to make “Customer Centric Supply Chain Planning” available to all manufacturers in Turkey

ICRON and Dijitalis join forces to make “Customer Centric Supply Chain Planning” available to all manufacturers in Turkey

ICRON is a leading global company providing solutions for Supply Chain Planning and Optimization with AI and “no-code” technologies for 30 over years. Dijitalis is an important provider of different supply chain planning solutions backed with their extensive industry experience, to create value added projects.

ICRON and Dijitalis have just announced their partnership in Turkey. This exciting move will make ICRON’s customer centric supply chain solutions deployed in 500+ projects around the world, available in Turkey to a wider audience than ever, with Dijitalis’ strong consultancy team and project management experience.

ICRON’s customer centric supply chain planning solution has a significantly short implementation period, it is highly customizable, and can be used both on premise and as a SaaS solution. ICRON CEO Gürer Ünal summarizes the idea behind this partnership: “Recent global events and the disruptions in supply chains has made the need for end-to-end supply chain optimization solutions, clearer than ever before. Our purpose as ICRON is, to increase the efficiency of our Customers with our global experience and fast-implemented solutions. We aim to reach to a larger number of companies to achieve this, with Dijitalis’ strong and large network of consultant team in Turkey.”

Dijitalis CEO Tolga Yanaşık summarizes the new value created by ICRON partnership: “Globalization and the ever-increasing competition pushes companies to make more decisions each day, and these decisions have become more complex in a way that it is harder to anticipate their results. In order to provide help regarding this issue, we have conducted many projects with various supply chain planning solutions. We were in search of an innovative supply chain solution with a proven technology to partner with on the field, to make the best use of our experience in offering solutions to Turkish companies. At this point we have recognized ICRON as a unique technology company, as they have been successful both in Turkey and globally. Thanks to our new partnership, we now have a very powerful solution to address the supply chain planning problems of companies in Turkey."

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