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Vestel Group’s Integrated Advanced Planning & Scheduling: 20 production lines 1 planning solution

Vestel Group’s Integrated Advanced Planning & Scheduling: 20 production lines 1 planning solution

Today Vestel Electronics goes officially live with the ICRON High End Planning Solution for Visual Solution products, this after a short and intensive implementation of only three months.

And as of today ICRON High End Planning module is planning Vestel Electronics factory which mainly produces TVs. Hence, the need of planning Visual Solution products in the already existing and functional ICRON High End Planning module has emerged. “ICRON High End Planning module was an already existing, up and running project. The production processes of Visual Solution products and TVs are very similar” says Merve Gören, ICRON’s Business Process consultant. “Visual Solutions and TV products have a lot of common components, and stock levels of those should be closely monitored. We at ICRON have in-depth knowledge and years of experience with the planning of assembly in Vestel Electronics facility”.

“From Excel to a fully operational APS solution in 3 months”

The project started with the vision of the Vestel board that planning and scheduling of the Visual Solutions Division had to improve the planning process and solve the continuous planning issues. A comparison benchmark with the planning solution of Vestel Electronics, already running the ICRON APS solution, made crystal clear that there was ample room for improvement. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Caner Taşkın, ICRON’s SVP Technology explains: “Visual Solutions products was still planning in Excel, which on the one hand is an advantage because it’s a kind of greenfield situation. On the other hand, this also means that there you have to start the planning process design from scratch. We had to merge the planning of 20 production lines with thousands of products into one planning environment, where the maturity levels of the separate planning processes were far apart. After three months of hard work, from Vestel and ICRON, we now have one integrated APS solution where planners can collaborate on ICRON to do a combined planning for all product types”. Serdar Evlatoğlu, manager planning at Vestel: “With this planning system I now have vastly improved capabilities, I have more insides in the actual and projected planning. Basically a now have a multi-horizon and multi-production process view and I’m back in the planning driver seat”.

“Planning can have serious impact on customer satisfaction”

Serdar Evlatoğlu has a clear view on the matter: “We should realize that the consumer electronics market is a consumer market, where customer satisfaction is a very important key performance indicator. The ICRON APS Solution assures Vestel a delivery in full on time (DIFOT) where in the past we frequently had to disappoint customer due to component planning issues. Imagine that there is a shortage of a crucial component and it’s discovered last minute. This might mean that the product can’t be delivered according to plan, which of course will have a negative impact on customer satisfaction. With the new ICRON APS solution these problems belong to the past”.

Although it’s too soon to have a complete view on the total potential return on investment, the first benefits are already visible. In particular the delivery is far more reliable, resulting in very positive customer feedback and a significant increase in customer satisfaction. With the ICRON solution it much easier to plan and avoid human mistakes, which caused serious delays and delivery problems in the past”. Also planners are very satisfied with new ICRON solution, with the integrated planning system the planning is stronger, more reliable and more agile than ever.

About Vestel Group

Vestel Group is comprised of 24 companies operating in manufacturing, software and technology development, marketing, and distribution fields in the consumer electronics, household appliances, multimedia communication, LED lighting, and defense industries with € 5 billion turn-over. Vestel was founded and started operation in 1984. The company joined the Zorlu Group in 1994, and since then it has continuously been increasing its production capacity, export activity, and market share. Vestel received over 66 awards at the most prestigious design contests globally in 2014. Vestel accounts for 90% of the total TV and 30% of the white goods exports in Turkey. Four out of five LCD televisions produced in Turkey have been produced by Vestel. Vestel exports its products to 149 countries under the leading Japanese and European brands.

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