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Digitalization in Supply Chain

Digitalization in Supply Chain

Lately, the number one subject on any supply chain executive’s desk is digitalization.  

Digitalization of supply chains is a long journey. This journey starts with making the data available and continues with the digitalization of decision-making mechanisms leading to autonomy.

Sustaining success in this digitalization journey takes time, money, and continuous motivation. Knowing that many of the digitalization projects either fail or are completed with suboptimal results, it is very difficult to find the motivation.  

ICRON Customer Centric Supply Chain Planning works for any digital maturity level of a manufacturing organization. Designed to be a part of your digital transformation journey, ICRON walks you through the necessary steps while creating business benefits starting from day one. Using advanced analytics, AI, and optimization, ICRON increases your data quality, and organizational maturity, and transforms your decision-making processes. To achieve true end-to-end visibility through your supply chain digital transformation, ICRON is the next-generation solution. 

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Demand Decision Process

ICRON Demand empowers businesses to navigate uncertainty through accurate forecasting using AI-driven methods that take into consideration historical data, reaTime updates, and fast adaptation to changing market conditions and disruptions.