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It is impossible to create a perfect production schedule. Even though your schedule may take into account all of your unique business goals, rules, and constraints, it may not be feasible in the face of unexpected delays and disruptions due to raw material shortages, surges in demand, or last-minute changes to customer orders.

It is possible, however, to create a perfect advanced planning and scheduling (APS) system, one that is powerful enough to generate an optimal production schedule that maximizes throughput and minimizes costs and flexible enough to rapidly revise that schedule in response to sudden, unforeseen changes on the factory floor or in the supply chain – and that’s precisely what ICRON has done with its Detailed Scheduling platform.

ICRON Detailed Scheduling is a robust, revolutionary finite-capacity planning and scheduling solution that gives manufacturing companies the visibility and agility they need to achieve complete, customized supply chain optimization.

Algorithm-based, completely scalable and capable of providing a 100% fit for any production environment, ICRON Detailed Scheduling consists of several components – a Material and Capacity Planner and Reactive and Dynamic Scheduler – that enable manufacturers to boost resource utilization, cost containment, and customer service.

ICRON’s Detailed Scheduling solution gives manufacturers the capability to:

  • Automatically create and update detailed, integrated plans and schedules that synchronize and streamline multi-site procurement, production, and distribution operations – taking customer demand, asset and material constraints, and business objectives into account.
  • Possess total visibility over their end-to-end supply chain network, enabling them to control WIP, excess inventory, and employee overtime
  • Optimize sequencing decisions that lead to lower setup losses, and higher customer service level.
  • Conduct “what-if” analysis to evaluate various scenarios, foresee disruptions and bottlenecks, and determine the best strategic plans.

With ICRON Detailed Scheduling, you can automatically and accurately align your schedules with your KPIs, reduce risk and costs, and improve overall operational efficiency and delivery performance.