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The automotive industry – fueled by strong sales and sustained global expansion, brand consolidation through key mergers and acquisitions, the introduction of alternative energy vehicles, and the emergence of new players with groundbreaking technologies – is in the midst of an era of profound transformation.

Although these changes present opportunities for further growth for automotive companies, they also create significant challenges. In order to keep pace with the competition and satisfy consumer demand for cutting-edge, customized vehicles at the lowest possible prices, automotive manufacturers must able to streamline and optimize operations across their supply chain – a complex, multi-node network that encompasses the design, production, marketing, sale, distribution, and servicing of vehicles.

Ensuring supply chain efficiency and agility – the ability to respond quickly and profitably to fluctuations in market demand and unexpected roadblocks in procurement, production, and distribution – is the key to keeping automotive companies on the road to operational and financial success.


ICRON’s Optimized Decision Making and Supply Chain Optimization solutions give automotive companies the power to drive greater collaboration, productivity, and profitability throughout their supply chain.

With ICRON, automotive companies can:

  • attain visibility and control over their entire, end-to-end supply chain on one, integrated, algorithm-based planning and optimization platform,
  • automatically generate and dynamically revise optimal production, material procurement, and distribution plans,
  • effectively match supply with demand, and balance commitments with capacity and constraints,
  • maximize asset utilization and delivery performance, and minimize costs including inventory and employee overtime,
  • conduct scenario-based planning to enable proactive decision making process for future market and supply dynamics.

With ICRON, automotive companies can optimize the speed, synchronization, flexibility, and performance of their global supply chains – enabling them to drive down costs, rev up revenues and customer satisfaction, and successfully navigate the challenging industry landscape and emerge ahead of the competition.

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