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Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals


For life sciences & pharmaceuticals companies, attaining and maintaining a healthy supply chain is critical – operationally and financially. With surging demand from emerging markets as well as aging populations in the West, the opportunities for companies in this industry are immense – but so are the risks.

The key to success is effective cost containment, but this is challenging to achieve given the significant complexity, constraints, and costs inherent in global supply, manufacturing, and distribution networks, rising expenditure on R&D initiatives, increasingly tough government regulations and expiring patents, and the demand by consumers for products of the highest quality at the most reasonable prices. Add to this the complexities of plant availability, capacity shifts, transportation constraints, regulations and many more, the planning task for life sciences & pharmaceuticals companies is immense and exposed to risks such as high stock levels of raw materials and finished goods and inability to adjust plans efficiently in response to changes in demand and supply.

Faced with this challenging global industry landscape, more and more life sciences & pharmaceuticals players are looking to carve out a competitive advantage through excellence in supply chain planning and decision making optimization.


ICRON’s Optimized Decision Making and Supply Chain Optimization solutions give life sciences & pharmaceuticals companies the ability to cure their supply chain woes, enabling them to optimally to match inventory, materials, and capacity to demand, synchronize their end-to-end operations, cut costs, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

ICRON enables decision makers to attain increased control and visibility across their entire supply chain so that areas of potential improvement can be identified and realized. ICRON’s platform also gives companies in the life sciences & pharmaceuticals industry many other benefits such as:

  • optimizing purchasing activities based on capacity constrained production schedules,
  • timely reaction and proactive planning in response to revised demand plan and changing customer orders,
  • increasing total production throughput by minimizing capacity loses between production changes,
  • keeping inventory at the right levels based on costs and customer service-level targets,
  • enabling planners to perform what-if analysis using various scenarios.

With ICRON, life sciences & pharmaceutical companies can successfully manufacture and distribute high quality products that save patients lives, and simultaneously save their shareholders money – protecting their customers, their profits, and their reputation in the marketplace.