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In today’s demand-driven retail industry, the customer is king. To survive and thrive in this rapidly changing and hyper-competitive marketplace, retailers must be able to consistently fulfill consumers’ needs in providing products of the highest quality and greatest variety, at the lowest expense, quickly and conveniently delivered to them through their channel of choice – whether that be a brick-and-mortar, telesales, online, or mobile store.

Consumers’ increasingly sophisticated expectations for quality, variety, and convenience and price sensitivity are putting pressure on retailers’ bottom lines and creating complexity in their supply chains.

Many of today’s retail supply chains are designed for traditional brick-and-mortar sales and are thus not capable of handling omnichannel retail demand in a cost-efficient manner and delivering a seamless and satisfying customer experience.


To overcome these capacity and cost challenges and find a path to profitability, retailers must be able to streamline, revolutionize, and optimize their supply chain systems, processes, and infrastructure to achieve:

  • End-to-end visibility over their entire supply chain ecosystem.
  • Integration and collaboration within internal supply chain operations and with external partners, vendors, and suppliers.
  • Shared access to accurate, real-time information on manufacturing, sales, and distribution processes to enable effective order, inventory, and customer relationship management.Operational efficiency and flexibility to be able to satisfy unpredictable customer demands in terms of product quality, variety, price, and delivery.

ICRON’s Optimized Decision Making and Supply Chain Optimization platform equips retailers with these capabilities, enabling them to automate, integrate, and optimize their omnichannel supply chain planning and operations.

With ICRON, retailers can ensure their supply chains are working with optimal efficiency, collaboration, and agility, and are able to meet consumer demands, manage costs, and maintain profitability.