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Exclusive Joint Webinar: Algorithmic Decision Making for Digital Business Processes

You are invited to an exclusive joint webinar that is organized by ICRON and CQM, strategic partners offering high-quality solutions together to global brands for more than a decade.

In this engaging webinar, two opinion leaders in the supply chain planning and optimization software industry, A.Tamer Unal, Ph.D. and Jan van Doremalen, Ph.D., will take their previous discussion to the next level by elaborating on algorithms and their integration to the decision making processes. They will reveal the importance of algorithms, the crucial role they play in optimized decision making and the value they offer to organizations.

Your key learnings from this webinar:

  • Why do we need algorithms in decision making?
  • What makes a good algorithm?
  • Which set of tools are advised to be used for a particular planning and decision-making process optimization?
  • What are the organizational, HR and business wise impacts of digital transformation in decision making?
  • Which technologies and methods are expected to emerge and drive the planning software market in the future?


A. Tamer Unal, PhD

Jan van Doremalen, PhD

Join our webinar on 02 July 2020, Thursday at 11am GMT+03:00

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